Sonu Sood contributes Rs 4 crore for 16-month-old child’s treatment

Nagpur, April 22. Actor and social worker Sonu Sood on Friday lend a helping hand to a 16-months-old child who is suffering from a life-threatening disorder. He is suffering from a life threatening disorder called “Spinal Muscular Atrophy(SMA)”. He needs “Zolgensma”, world’s costliest injection to be imported from USA. The child needs the injection at the earliest which costs 16 crore Rs. His parents appealed people on the social media to help them out. The couple had started crowdfunding from March 1 to save their child from the disorder. Sood on Friday came to Nagpur and extended his help in the form of 4 crore Rs to the family. The actor also assured the parents for the remaining funds (Rs 12 Cr) to be managed soon. It must be mentioned here that five children in India so far have received these injections through crowdfunding and these kids are living a normal life now.