In democratic set up like in India, the voters elect their representatives with the hopes and aspirations that their elected representatives shall ensure the pride and honour of the country while engaging themselves dedicatedly to the welfare, development and growth of the common masses whom they (representatives) represent. At the moment when a vote is cast none could predict or say that it was a mandate for government or to sit in the opposition. The sole motive behind this whole exercise is to elect their representative to act as a catalyst in the good governance. The representative is morally as well as legally bound to honour the people’s mandate to strengthen their faith in the system. Unfortunately, a many, now a days, forget to keep their commitment while remaining in opposition.  This has become a routine with many of them which is very disturbing and undesired. These are more disturbing when they indulge in negative politics thereby harming the national interests. TRUTH OF PULWAMA is a glaring example of all this.

The ugly, shameful and treacherous role of many opposition parties who appear to be hell bent to mislead the nation on issue pertaining to national honour, integrity and inspiring sacrifices of our brave soldiers. Pulwama admissions in Pak Parliament have exposed real faces of those who politicized attack simply to lower the grace of those who laid their lives for the national integration.

The Prime Minister of India Sh. Narender Modi tore into opposition by saying that Pulwama admissions in Pak Parliament have exposed the real faces of those who politicized attack. He said that the truth of last year’s Pulwama attack in which 40 CRPF officers were martyred , has been accepted by Pak. He called upon the need for all countries of the world, governments and religions to unite against terrorism as it can do only destruction and devastation and miseries upon the mankind. None could ever get welfare from terror-violence.

It is worth mentioning that about a couple of days back a Pakistani Minister has admitted his country’s involvement in the worst terror attack at Pulwama and claimed credit for it. These acts of hate and destruction showed the real bent of mind of the leadership of Pakistan who believed in pursuing medieval techniques and practices. These are not new for those cruel rulers who have been perpetuating these practices ever since the Pakistan came into existence.

Sad to say, while the whole nation was mourning the martyrdom of our great soldiers in Pulwama attack, many of the leaders of opposition were shamelessly indulging themselves in ‘dirty -politics’ to serve their vested interests.

Remembering the sacrifices of brave hearts, the Prime Minister said that the country can never forget, ”How some people were looking for political gains when India lost its sons.” They were not saddened at the sacrifice of the security personnel during the Pulwama attack. More shocking is the fact that the “Shameless Coterie of some opposition politicians” were doing so in spite of the fact that the international community led by the US had pressed Pakistan to deny safe haven to terror groups operating from its soil and to bring the perpetrators of the Pulwama attack to justice. These very politicians, intentionally, never appreciated the hard fact how Pakistan knelt down and returned Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhman, who was captured by the Pak Army after his Mig-21 Bison Jet was shot down.

These very politicians failed to appreciate the fact that the  IAF jets had bombed Jaish-e-Mohammad terror camps in Balakot in Khyber Pakhtunakhwa of Pakistan and avenged the Pulwama terrorist attack that had claimed the lives of 40 CRPF personnel

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