Kejriwal announces Rs 1 crore for families of COVID-19 frontline heroes


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday announced Rs 1 crore, as respect to their service, for medical workers who might lose life in Covid-19 fight. “If anyone loses their life while serving COVID19 patients, whether sanitation workers, doctors or nurses, their family will be provided Rs 1 crore as respect to their service. Whether they are from private or government sector doesn’t matter,” he said.

“During a war, a soldier protects his country, risks his life…. our whole nation is indebted to them. Today, the job that you guys (health workers) are doing is no less than that of a soldier. You are risking your life to save people of this country,” he added.

Coronavirus positive cases in India rose sharply to 1,637, the health ministry website showed today, a jump of 240 cases in 12 hours. The death toll from Covid-19 has also increased to 38 as three more deaths were confirmed, according to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Of these 1466 are active cases, and 132 have been Cured / Discharged, the report state.

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