On 31 Mar 20, a distress tweet was forwarded by Mr. Manik Sharma from Poonch to PMO’s office to save his grandmother, who lives in a remote location in Rajouri. On receipt of message, Indian Army sprung into action & Army Doctor was immediately sent to rescue the ailing patient.

Doctor with Army troops equipped with all essential medical kit reached village Dayala, Sialsui in Rajouri in the shortest possible time & provided immediate medical assistance to the patient who was diagnosed with severe Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertensive emergency & Dyspepsia for which she was treated and thereafter rushed to Military Hospital, Rajouri which is the nearest Army Hospital in the region.

 As per Medical reports, patient is out of danger & is receiving specialist care at Military Hospital, Rajouri & will soon be reunited with family post recovery. Family of the lady has been informed of rescue & her medical progress.

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