Through CAA, India opened its doors for persecuted minorities: Raman Suri 

Bharatiya Janata Party State Executive Member, Raman Suri, today said that India has opened its doors for religiously persecuted minorities in neighbouring countries and paved way for their honourable and dignified life through the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) 2019. Since over seventy years, these people, who couldn’t leave Pakistan or Bangladesh in 1947, were being ill-treated and were being subjected to humiliation.

In Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, there were no job guarantees for these people.Even when someone was working hard, his or her rising prospectswereminisculed.Girls were being forcibly converted.Religious places were badly damaged, and a threat to life always persisted on these persecuted families. Narendra Modi government, by bringing in CAA to help persecuted minorities get Indian citizenship, has opened India’s doors for them.

Asking people to attend, in large numbers, the Jammu Kashmir People’s Federation (JKPF)Mega Rally proposed for January 12, 2020 in Jammu in support of CAA, Raman Suri said that this will be an answer to all those divisive forces who are hell bent upon destroying Indian culture, it’s properties and are inimical to the important process that are aimed at helping the religiously persecuted minorities, who have no one around the globe to look after them.

Assuring that minorities who have been subjected to harassment in neighbouring countries will be granted Indian citizenship while none other residing in India will be touched as per CAA, Raman Suri said that Congress leaders are terrible shaken by the right decisions being taken by Union Government. He said, all such issues which were damaging the country like moth stand sorted today by Narendra Modi Government, which the Congress is unable to digest for a simple reason that it always banked upon dividing people on regional and religious lines, which is not possible now.

People with certain vested interests, Raman Suri added, have created a mess in entire country by stooping low, spreading lies, enraging people against the generous decisions of government and spreading communal tensions.All this chaos will end once the provisions of CAA will be putbefore the public in the JKPF Mega Public Rally at Parade Chowk on 12th January, and once again such anti-social elements will be defeated and peace will prevail.