NC hails SC verdict on lifting curbs, restoring internet in J&K

National Conference today welcomed the Supreme Court verdict on reviewing and restoring internet services in Jammu and Kashmir in the larger public interest and easing curbs on civil liberty.

“The observations of the apex court about snapping of internet services ma indefinitely are significant and the government must take a call to review and restore the connectivity immediately”, Provincial President Mr Devender Singh Rana said in a statement issued from Sher-e-Kashmir Bhavan here this afternoon.

Mr Rana said communication clampdown has hugely impacted the people of Jammu and Kashmir in general and those engaged in trade, commerce, industry and accademics in particular. He said the curbs have virtually pushed the peace loving people of this part of the country to stone age era with their normal activities coming to halt. He hoped the restoration of mobile internet will go a long way in easing out the situation, saying the curbs have taken high toll of youth in their pursuit of career advancement as also in the accademic odyssey of vast mass of students. The tourism trade has also received a big hit while businesses too have suffered hugely, he maintained.

The Provincial President also sought immediate release of all the mainstream political leaders, saying this will pave the way for initiation of genuine democratic activities. He said detention of three formers chief ministers and scores of senior leaders has created a political vaccum which is needed to be filled in true spirit of India’s rich democratic ethos.

Mr Rana also stressed the need for reaching out to the alienated people of Jammu and Kashmir in order to assauge their aspirations. He reiterated the commitment of National Conference towards well being of the people and upholding their honour and dignity.

“We will continue to remain in the forefront to shoulder our responsibilities and play historic role towards dignified life of the people and for lasting peace in Jammu and Kashmir”, Mr Rana added.