It is good to leave this universe as soon as one can: Satguru Madhu Param Hans

Sadguru Sh. Madhu Param Hans Ji Maharaj, the spiritual head of Sahib Bandgi Panth while, showering the nectar of spiritualism during his spiritual discourse at Sant Ashram Ranjri, Samba today, said that this body is nothing but a sort of punishment. It has certain needs. Deeds have to be performed to attain such material objects as are necessary for the survival of this body. Blood provides us the needed energy to perform work but it is the food that makes blood in the body.

The main requirements of the body are–food, clothing & shelter. Everyone wants to have a well furnished house, beautiful clothes to wear & nourishing food to eat. Those who can’t do so through fair means resort to foul & corrupt practices. But deeds performed by us have their definite impact on us. The cycle of births & deaths directly depends on the nature of deeds performed by us. Lord Krishna has said to Arjun, “Just as we wear new clothes after throwing away the old ones, our soul also leaves one body & takes another one. But the fact is that the soul has no need at all to perform any deed.”

The soul (hansa) has nothing to do with karmas (performance of deeds) because it is never born. It needs no energy & also it never gets destroyed like any other living being. This is because it is the part of God (Param Purush) who is above any sort of dissolution. Our body grows weak with the passage of time & also needs cleanliness to remove its dirt & filth but the soul is indestructible & needs no outward cleanliness. It is always in peace & bliss like God as it reflects His qualities. But the soul has begun to consider itself as the body & this misconception has been the root cause of all the problems.

It is good to leave this universe as soon as one can. Dharma Dass ji asked Sahib Kabir as to how a jiva could reach its original abode. Sahib Kabir said that one should remain absorbed in his satguru.

If the guru is pleased, Sahib will also show favours.