DOGRA FRONT & SHIV Sena take out rally against free Kashmir slogans

The workers of DOGRA FRONT & SHIV SENA under the leadership of President Mr ASHOK GUPTA took out a massive protest rally in Jammu city against the free Kashmir issue beinf raised in Mumbai and Delhi university.

The party workers raised slogans Kashmir is already free and thriving after the removal of the shackles.

Mr Ashok Gupta stated that action should be taken against a student for displaying a poster that says ‘Kashmir Aazad Karo’ during a protest at St Stephen’s college against the violence in JNU and the new citizenship law.

He further stated that the police should register a case under Sections 153 b of the IPC, which says that whoever, by words either spoken or written or by signs makes or publishes any imputation, assertions prejudicial to national-integration, or may cause disharmony, is liable for punishment.

He stated that Kashmir is free from आलगवाद, आतंकवाद, भरस्टाचार, परिवरवाद,  that is the freedom which the Kashmir wanted and has gotten after the removal of Article 370.

Kashmir has been free from unemployment, Radiclization, Stone pelters.

The opposite argument coming from the culprits is that they want Kashmir to be free form restriction on Internet. Mr Gupta countering it stated that we are the ones living in Jammu & Kashmir and we are completely fine with the restriction as it had led to almost zero stone pelting, as drastic reduction in terror activities and because of the no internet the the terrorists were not able to talk to each other and that led to there capture or killing.

He said that the Kashmir is completely free form every hardship , he further criticised the Sanjay Rauts statement that there should be freedom of internet. Mr Gupta said that if the ban of Internet saves our soldiers and police personnel we are very happy with the restrictions.

At last he said that we are free after the removal of 370 we are purely happy as it even bought gender equality as earlier woman who got married outside lost there title to buy the land in the state which was a big shame for the state.

The party people who were present at the time of protest were Anil, Sham, Ravi, Dineshwar, Rajeshwar, Bansi, Uttam, Bantu, Kalu, Ram, Prem, Abhishek and various others were present.