Ravinder Raina, Yudhvir launch signature campaign on CAA

BJP J&K President, Ravinder Raina criticized the Congress party for acting as tout of Pakistan over the Citizenship Amendment Act thus fomenting trouble and mayhem across the country just to satiate its petty political ambition of getting few of the votes of a particular section of the society.

Raina said this while he launched signature campaign on CAA accompanied by BJP J&K General Secretary Yudhvir Sethi in J&K, starting from Parade.

He also conducted several meetings at East Mandal, Gandhi Nagar Mandal, Janipur Mandal, Talab Tillo Mandal and Satwari Mandal.

Among others who accompanied the Party President included Kavinder Gupta, former Deputy Minister, Sat Sharma former Minister, Priya Sethi, former Minister, Rajesh Gupta, Ex-MLA, Rajni Sethi President Women Wing, Dy. Mayor Purnima Sharma, and Munish Khajuria and Vinay Gupta District President. State Vice-President Harinder Gupta, State Secretaries Praduman Singh, Sanjay Baru, State Treasurer Prabhat Singh Jamwal, Mohan Singh Rana and other leaders were also present on the occasion.

Addressing gathering here on Monday, Raina criticized the Congress for indulging in “guerrilla” politics over the amended Citizenship Act. He accused Congress of misleading people of the country on the amended Citizenship Act, saying they were lying on the issue. He attacked Congress for opposing the legitimacy that the ruling BJP was granting to the refugees.

“They are spreading lies on CAA and scaring people. Congress has used its full force to create an atmosphere of illusion and falsehood. Congress is instigating violence. It is clear that CAA will have no effect on citizens of India including Hindus, Muslims, Sikh, Jain, Christian and Buddhists. Congress and its allies are spreading lies and rumours on the Act,” Raina said.

Raina said that the amended Act will give citizenship to persecuted and harassed Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Christian and Parsi refugees from the three neighboring countries viz Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. He, however, expressed resentment over the wrong perception created over CAA by some political parties.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought in the new legislation to give citizenship to minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who have sought refuge in India, but Congress is misleading minorities in the entire country,” Raina added.

While briefing people about the provision of CAA, Yudhvir Sethi emphasized that there is nothing in the legislation, which targets a particular section of society, as is being spread by motivated political parties having vested interest to gain the undue mileage.

Sethi asserted that many protestors are not aware about the Act and they have been given wrong information deliberately by the leaders of opposition party. He pointed out that there is need to counter the misinformation campaign and put right facts before masses. He said the legislation grants and not takes away the citizenship of bonafide Indians.

Sethi appealed to people of Jammu and Kashmir to stay away from rumour-mongering and not let vested interests divide the society.