Congress Party continued with the British paradigm of divide and rule: Kavinder Gupta


BJP office bearers from Gandhi Nagar Constituency consisting of Gandhi Nagar Mandal and Satwari Mandal organised a meeting of workers at the residence of former Dy. Chief Minister, Kavinder Gupta at Gandhi Nagar. The meeting was organised to review and give momentum to ongoing programmes on ‘Citizen’s Amendment Act’ (CAA).

Speaking on the occasion, Ravinder Raina said that every worker should reach out to masses and educate them about ‘CAA’. He said Congress and other opposition parties across the nation are opposing the Act just to please certain sections of society and their mentors from Pakistan. They are bent on subverting any disclosure or the truth by spreading lies among the masses. CAA will not take anyone’s citizenship but will give citizenship to those who suffered untold sufferings.Raina said every worker has to spread the message that CAA will give citizenship to those people who suffered a lot on religion basis in countries like Pakistan, Afganistan, Bangladesh etc, and opposition parties are playing vote bank politics. CAA shall ensure citizenship to those people who have seen a lot of suffering with their family members in these countries.

BJP Vice President, Rajeev Charak, BJP District president, Vinay Gupta, Pt. Ashok Khajuria, Both Mandal Presidents, NeerajPuri& Bharat Bhushan, councillors from Constituency, and other office bearers were also present on the occasion.

Kavinder Gupta in his address said one of the saddest aspects of our democracy was how the Congress Party continued with the British paradigm of divide and rule. The British effectively divided Muslims and Hindus and Christians against each other in order to rule. They even divided the Hindus against each other by introducing a rigid caste system. Some of the greatest poets and thinkers in ancient India were from lower echelons of power but became renowned and are still cherished for the epics they produced. Congress and other opposition parties which are opposing the Citizen’s Amendment Act are issueless and are not in position to discuss development, foreign policy, defence policy and other related issues. The leaders of such parties can’t face public so they are raising voices against the CAA which has nothing to do with the Indian citizens.