Promise of better tomorrow has transformed into a nightmare under BJP rule: Bhalla

Jammu: Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla on Wednesday assailed BJP govt for “letting down people, especially youth”, saying growing public disenchantment is reflection of their failure on all the fronts. “The youth are dismayed while the people belonging to all segments of society are at the receiving end due to mis-governance and non-performance of the government”, Bhalla said while interacting with workers of Nai Basti area of Gandhi Nagar constituency. The prominent citizens present on the occasion include Suresh Sharma (Gen Secretary DCC),Vijay Choudhary (Ward President),Dr.Babu Ram,Om Parkash Sharma,Ashwani Dogra,Prem Dogra,Bitty Sharma,Kewal Sharma, Darshna Devi, Anita, Jyoti,Tinni,Krishan, Surinder Sodhi,Ved Bhagat,Sonu Choudhary,Babu,Bakshi, Shakuntla Devi beside others.

Bhalla speaking on the occasion said the “tall claims of the BJP dispensation have got exposed, as the govt working at cross purposes with public interest taking rear seat”.“The government, which can conveniently forget the promises made to the people soon after taking over the reins of administration, cannot be trusted”, he said adding that “BJP has proven it beyond any doubt that power is its only priority.To hide their failures, he said BJP is indulging in diversionary tactics, as a result of which development has been pushed to backburner, welfare schemes almost abandoned and the utility services left unattended.LPG cylinder prices were hiked for the fifth consecutive month today, this time by Rs 19 a cylinder. Bhalla reacting to price hike said that in the new year, Modi government’s first gift on inflation – residential gas cylinder price hiked by Rs 19, commercial gas cylinder Rs 29.50, in past five months a total increase in price Rs 137. Increasing inflation is an issue for household, but the BJP is consumed by its arrogance. He said the people in all parts of the country, were reeling under price rise and the hike in LPG prices would burden them further.”Why is the government not able to control prices? The price of a non-subsidised cooking gas cylinder has gone up by over Rs 19. The people of country are finding it difficult to cope with the price rise. He said the BJP leaders should answer why their government is not able to control prices.

Bhalla lamented the fact that people of J&K are the worst hit in absence of an elected Government, for the fact, there is no one who can listen and address the issues concerning people in a best possible manner, he said.He urged the administration to take measures for mitigating the sufferings of people, on war footing. He said that the people of the J&K should not suffer due to the wrong policies of BJP.When the new government was formed in 2014, the BJP had shown a ray of hope among the electorates and promised various dreams that will become a reality once it comes to power. People hoped that this government will take some new steps for the welfare of farmers, women, and youth and for every section of the society. But for the last six years, this government has turned the life of every citizen from bad to worse. Dreams and hopes of 125 crore people have been shattered by this government. Their hope of good days remains a dream. The atmosphere of intolerance prevails across the country and if one dares to discuss or express an opinion on it, he is at once declared as ‘anti-national’,Bhalla added.

An anti-BJP wave is sweeping across Jammu province. People of the region are feeling cheated, humiliated and badly let down. Many are bemoaning their decision to vote for the BJP both in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and 2019 elections. In fact, they are saying that they sealed their fate themselves by trusting the BJP and voting for it and accusing the BJP of going back on all the promises that it held out during the election campaign and through its vision document. He said the dreams sold for sixty years are turning into nightmare with soaring prices breaking backbone of poor, utility services in shambles, grievance mechanism in disarray and all sectors of development suffering inertia. “Same is true about implementation of welfare schemes”, he said adding that instead of generating hype and running paper tigers, the BJP’s impact on governance is missing. He hoped that the people will see through the BJP’s game-plan of whipping up passions as a diversionary tactic from administrative failure. He said the growing realization among people, especially the youth of Jammu about diversionary and divisive politics of the BJP is simmering into a huge discontent, which if not checked may erupt into a political volcano that will not be in the larger interest of the J&K. The employment schemes announced by the government in the recent past turned into centres of corruption and nepotism, he said, adding that the schemes like ‘Udaan’ and ‘Himayat’ “ridicules” the youth.