Integrity, honesty, conduct are Canons of Judicial Ethics: Justice Magray

Terming integrity, honesty, behavior, hard work  and conduct as canons of Judicial Ethics, Chairman High Court Committee for J&K Judicial Academy, Justice Ali Mohammad Magray today emphasized the Judicial Officers to be bold and fearless while dispensing justice strictly following the letter and spirit of law.

Justice Magray was addressing the Munsiffs of 2019 batch during the three month pre-appointment induction training programme organized by the J&K Judicial Academy.

Nearly, 41 Munsiffs are undergoing this training programme under the Phase-I.

Justice Magray, while elaborating the qualities of an efficient Judge, said that they are being governed by Bangalore Principles of Judicial Ethics and Conduct which comprises of the qualities of independence, impartiality and high moral standards based on constitutional vision of justice. “Judges have to uphold the dignified life and high standards of ethics and conduct not only in public life but in private life as well as they are being looked upon as role models”, he maintained.

Justice Magray said that since judges fraternity is held in a high esteem so it becomes prime concern and responsibility of the Judges to maintain the sanctity of their noble profession by strictly adhering to the constitutional norms and laws so as to live up to the people’s aspirations.