CAB is totally Minorities friendly: Varinderjeet   

Addressing a press conference, National Sikh Front Chairman, S. Varinderjeet Singh, cautioned the minorities, members of Sikh Community in particular, not to get misled by the misinformation campaign launched by vested interests on the issue of Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), which has now become an Act after passage from the Parliament and approval from the President.

S. Varinderjeet Singh said that attempt are being made to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere in the country by provoking the people on the name of religion by projecting the new Act as harmful for a particular faith, which is, infact, not true and the people should themselves get accurate information related to the Act. He said that the Union Home Minister has spoken on the Amendment Bill and assured that its objective is to grant citizenship and not to deprive any Indian citizen of his right as “An Indian Citizen’.

S. Varinderjeet Singh said that history is witness that thousands of Sikhs have migrated from Afghanistan during past few years to India as they did not change their religion but left their ancestral homes and properties there for the honour of their religion. The Citizenship Amendment Act will pave way for grant of citizenship to these people, which is highly appreciable and those making hue and cry on the amended act should explain a single harm, which it may cause to the Minorities, including Sikhs. He further said that the Sikhs in Pakistan too have been forced to adopt Islam, their daughters forcibly converted and married to Muslims.

“Can anyone live in such a country where the minorities cannot perform their religious rituals freely, claim benefits of welfare schemes and their daughters are not safe”, questioned Varinderjeet, adding that India is the most suitable place for minorities, who Muslim majority countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan come from neighbour.

S. Kulwant Singh Bhatti, Honey Singh Mehta, Delhar Singh Devi, Ramneek Singh, Balwinder Singh, Hardev Singh and Gurcharan Singh Sudan were also present in the press conference.