DSS Reacts to Pakistani designs, Urges early reunion of PoJK



The Dogra Sadar Sabha (DSS) President, Th. Gulchain Singh Charak convened a special meeting of the working committee of DSS core group and think tank to consider various  recent developments concerning the Dogra region. On the outset he appreciated the central government for passing the Citizenship Amendments Bill (CAB). He thanked the Home minister to take notice of the DSS’ earlier request assuring the  deporting of about 30,000 Rohngiyas among other ‘infiltrators’, who are a grave security threat to Jammu region and the UT.

Reacting to the news of Pakistan’s wicked design to alter the status of illegally held Indian areas of erstwhile J&K State, the DSS members felt that GoI should react sharply with speed to thwart any such evil designs and fulfill their assurance to reunite PoJK with India as was also resolved by the parliament. Some members pointed out and noted that PoJK wants to rename their “Azad Jammu & Kashmir Management Group” as “Jammu & Kashmir Administrative Services”, while the erstwhile J&K State Governments in India has obliterated the very existence of Jammu by naming the Administrative services as KAS. DSS strongly recommended that the UT should rename it as JKAS as against Kashmir oriented KAS; to put bureaucrats in the right mindset.

The DSS appreciated and thanked both GoI and the State Government for honoring the DSS ‘Vision Document’ for considering the operation-ability of UT secretariat simultaneously at Jammu & Srinagar to save 600cr of avoidable wasteful expenditure annually that could be better utilized for development. There is no logic in moving the secretariat after every six months from Srinagar to Jammu and vice versa to keep up the century old system after improved means of communications and IT facilities at hand. People of both regions suffer immensely in absence of governance coverage when they need them most in extreme climatic conditions. Even the children education and family lives of the more than 10,000 secretariat staff remains unsettled and disturbed who cannot deliver to meet aspirations of the people, they are meant to serve.

Some Veteran members and distinguished senior citizens of civil society were apprehensive of the Dogras and Duggar region losing their identity. They looked forward for a firm assurance from the Prime minister and the Home minister as extended to North Eastern States and Assam about safeguarding art, culture, heritage, language and traditions. They urged the Government for separate allocation of funds and administration through Autonomous Regional Councils for Jammu and Kashmir under the overall umbrella of the Union Territory and the Lieutenant Governor.

Welcoming the induction of domicile system in the UT, DSS also demanded an arrangement like Himachal Pradesh where the Domicile condition of 30 years period is imposed for buying residential accommodation/ land; under Article 371.

Exhorting all Social groups and political parties to voice together for the cause of Jammu region across political and party lines, Th. Gulchain Singh Charak urged the Lieutenant Governor Shri Girish Chandra Murmu to consult different sections of the society in both the regions for rebuilding Union Territory as an outstanding entity. He assured that the 115 years old Dogra Sadar Sabha has always stood by the Armed Forces and legitimate governments in a firmly secular manner, peacefully and worked to democratically mitigate public sufferings and supported the rule of law and aspires to work on the same path in support of the UT Government.

It was also resolved during the meeting to celebrate ‘Dogri Manyata Divas’ on 22 Dec 2019 and recalled all the efforts and struggle that was put in by DSS  and associates to achieve the inclusion of Dogri language in the 8th schedule in J&K and at New Delhi.  We demand that Dogri language be introduced in schools and colleges as a subject. DSS reiterated their demand and urged the UT Government to remove the barrier in front of the secretariat which is an avoidable irritant causing hardship to school children, funeral processions, temple devotees, cutting the city to two half for six months. It is detrimental to pilgrims and denies the Zanana Park, for six months to women, unique facilities created only for women and gifted by Maharaja Hari Singhji.

DSS members expressed deep concern over the Ramban region that has turned into a death trap has claimed more deaths in road accidents than the insurgency related terror incidents. It was requested to tackle the menace in a multi prong effort of improving road conditions, traffic discipline and check on the vintage/condition of the public transport. The Road alignment needs a review since the area is always locked disallowing smooth traffic flow. It has caused lot of disruption and commotion by enveloping many residential areas, houses in villages

The meeting was attended by about 70 members of the central working committee members and special invitees including Maj Gen Goverdhan Singh Jamwal, AVSM, Maj Gen Suneeta Kapoor VSM, VSM Prof Anita Billouria, Prof NK Dogra,  Brig MS Jamwal Col Karan Singh, Col Dr Virendra K Sahi, VrC, Prem Sagar Gupta, Shri Gambhir Dev Singh Charak, Shri Chhankar Singh, Sh Jagdip Singh, Haji Bashir Ahmd Malik, Sh RS Manhas, Dr Raghbir Singh Charak, S. Kulbir Singh & Sh Rakesh Singh Charak, Ashok Singh Charak & Swarn Singh Charak ,Mohan Singh , Dr Gian singh and M R Bamaghi