DOGRA FRONT & SHIV Sena celebrates religious harmony alongside with Muslims and Sikhs

The workers of DOGRA FRONT & SHIV SENA under the leadership of president Mr ASHOK GUPTA took out a massive religious harmony rally alongside Muslims & Sikhs against the divide politics played on the Citizenship Amendment Act which led to the Jamia Islamia university incident.

Mr Gupta accused the local political party of “inciting” Sunday’s violence during a protest against the amended citizenship law near Jamia Millia Islamia.

Scores of protesters, including Jamia students, policemen and locals were injured, four public buses were torched and over 100 private vehicles were damaged in the violence and arson that took place during the protest.

Mr Gupta demanded a thorough and time-bound probe into the violence and arson in the Jamia Nagar area.

He further stated that in this certain protest Hindu, Muslim, Sikh are walking together to signify the solidarity as the bill is for providing Citizenship and not taking away anyone’s citizenship.

Party president Mr ASHOK GUPTA blamed AAP leaders, including Sisodia and Amanatullah Khan, for “instigating” people and urged students not to become a “pawn” of politicians like them.

The CAB, now fomalised as an Act, will facilitate Indian citizenship to several lakh refugees who were compelled to seek refuge in India for the sake of protecting not only their identity but their very existence in their respective home countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Many perversions which crept in with India’s Partition on religious grounds have now been corrected – at least partially. Justice has been delivered to those hapless Hindus and other minority groups from these three countries, who had to pay the price for breach of trust on the part of rulers in some neighbouring countries.

While this law has paved the way for the fulfilment of the aspirations of lakhs of refugees, parties that have thrived only on the basis of vote bank politics, are stoking needless fears in the minds of a few sections in certain parts of the country. Having realised that the days for vote bank politics are now numbered, interested political groups are spreading canards and engaging in calumny.