Sunil Dimple opposes the installation of smart meters on power connections in Jammu city

Addressing a press conference Sunil Dimple president Jammu west assembly movement has said the people, residents of jammu city, traders, industries are being more shouldered with heavy burdened of power tariffs and again by the installation 4 lakh Smart Meters on the PDD power connection of the Jammu people and the noddle officer appointed will soon submit his report to start the installation work of smart meters on power connection in jammu.
Sunil Dimple has appealed the Lieutenant Governor Grich Chander Murmu not to install the smart meters as the all ready over burdened common man with taxes of toll plaza, MV act, RTO road taxes and poor weaker section families will not be avail to afford these smart meters.
He strongly opposed warned and said the people will start mass agitation in case these smart meters are installed on power connections in jammu.
He said what happened to the present installed meters ? These meters are functioning perfectly and govt assured at the time of installation that twenty four hou power will be available. But in peak summer jammu faces 15 to 18 hours long power cuts.
Dimple demanded LG GC Murmu to hold CBI inquirey of the smart meters purchase, funds allotted to IRCON and PDD Departments for the power supply.
He urged upon the LG Murmu that the IRCON common man has done very substandard Work of PDD Department in jammu.Dimple said all the cables and boxes catch fire and the people ran for their safety of lives on main roads.He said toy MCV of low capacity has been installed in boxes of the domestic connections, which trip after every hour and the people have to run PDD Office.He demanded the lieutenant Governor to install the fresh new receiving station of 50 MVA at Janipur to over come the load problem and the curtailment of power cuts.
He said janipur power station is 40 years old and has become very defunct and the transformers machinery of Janipur PDD station is very defunct.
He said the power supply infrastructure of Galadni, Janipur grid stations of 132 KV, 33 Kv are very defunct and the BJP have done no work for the development and improvement of the power supply of the jammu region, jammu city and particularly in the west assembly constituency.
Dimple said the LG Murmu the Slal Project is located on our land and water is of our state and it should be immediately taken back from the centre other wise we will start the agitation against the BJP central govt.Dimple demanded lieutenant Governor to immediately start the work on chinav water supply project as this been put in the cold storage, project, and Jammu people are facing acute sacristy of drinking water. Dimple has alleged that after downgrading a full fledged state in to union territory has multiplied the problems of the people of jammu kashmir.Dimple alleged that the common man, youth and all sections of the society of jammu kashmir are feeling deceived and no body is ready to listen their plights, hardships and miseries. Dimple appealed the Lt Governor GC murmu to stop the Sarore Toll plaza, roll back of heavy fines under MV Act and with drawl .