Congress fuelling fire in order to hurt the economy: Brig Gupta


Shocked and awed by Modi Government’s one bold decision after the other leading to resolution of long-pending issues which the Congress had deliberately kept in limbo for sake of vote bank politics, Congress now finds itself gradually becoming irrelevant in national politics and is hence resorting to ‘agitation politics’ through scare and rumour mongering claims Brig Anil Gupta, Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party. The daring decisions taken by the NDA 2 in first six months of its tenure have badly exposed the Congress party for appeasement and avoiding resolution of problems despite enjoying brute majority in both houses of the Parliament when in power forcing people to wonder about the “Niyat” (intentions) of its leaders stated Brig Gupta.

“Congress, however, used the brute majority to amend the Constitution repeatedly and changed the basic contours of Constitution to strengthen their pseudo secular liberal politics of appeasing certain sections to suit their vote bank politics,” asserted Brig Gupta.

Congress’s frustration and desperation is obvious in the statements of its senior leaders. “Rahul Gandhi’s equivalence of ‘Make in India’ with ‘Rape in India’ is not only obnoxious but derogatory. Is the Congress suggesting rape as a justified tool of earning livelihood? What can be more disgusting and shameful from the leader of a party whose President is herself a woman?” rued Brig Gupta. Referring to the statement of Ghulam Nabi Azad, Brig Gupta retorted, “Neither J&K burnt nor NE is burning but eternal desire of Ghulam Azad and Congressmen it remains. They had predicted that J&K will be set on fire post 05 August. Somehow, there is commonality in their statements and those of Pakistani leaders. Is it coincident or some sinister ploy?”

It was Assam Pradesh Congress Committee that had resolved on 01st June 2015, “We will take up the unresolved issue of citizenship for Bengali Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and people of other minority communities who came to Assam being subjected to inhuman torture post the partition of India.” “But Congress did not take any action deliberately. Now that the NDA government has resolved the long pending issue Congress is stoking fire with Rahul Gandhi terming it as ‘ethnic cleansing’ fully knowing that the Act is not applicable to Inner Line Permit and Sixth Schedule States of the NE,” said Brig Gupta.

Congress always fooled the people of Ladakh at the time of elections by promising UT but never fulfilled the promise. Now that Modi government has fulfilled the long outstanding demand, Congress is trying to fuel the peaceful Ladakh by demanding its inclusion in Sixth Schedule as demanded by AmbicaSoni. Sixth Schedule guarantees administrative councils for the designated tribal areas of the four North Eastern States and Ladakh already has fully empowered two Autonomous Hill Development Councils. Despite that Congress is provoking the Ladakhis to protest which would adversely affect tourism, major source of UT’s economy, asserted Brig Gupta.

To make a mockery of the nation’s Constitution, CMs of four Congress ruled states and Mamta Banerjee of West Bengal have declined to implement the Citizenship Amendment Act in their respective states knowing fully well that “States have no powers to deny implementation of a central law which is in the Union List. Is the Congress trying to break the nation by challenging and defying the authority of Central government?” questioned Brig Gupta.

Congress wants to create unrest in the country through protests, arson, loot and Bandh calls in order to hit the nation’s economy, accused Brig Gupta.