Rahul Gandhi has no moral right to be as MP : Priya Sethi

Former Minister,BJP Spokesperson and Prabhari BJP Mahila Morcha  J& K  Priya Sethi has demanded the resignation from  former president Congress  and MP Rahul Gandi for his remark  which is  an invitation to rape women in India.

Rahul Gandhi is a Lok Sabha member from Kerala’s Wayanad.

Rahul while addressing a poll rally in Jharkhand on Thursday, had said that Modi had launched ‘Make in India’ but nowadays it is ‘Rape in India’.

Priya Sethi,former Minister from J &K said that his comments have not only hurt the women of India  but the entire country.

Women from Kashmir to Kanyakumari  has hurt by his statement which is irreparable too on the status of women of India.

She added that Women issue should be a concern for one and all but the leader of congress is doing politics on the women issues and it is a matter of shame that son of Gandhi family speaks  forgetting the dignity of women .

She added that the person who was dreaming to be PM of country doesn’t not know how to respect the  women of country and not only women are hurt ,his remarks indicates that all men are rapists in country which is not true.

The mistake done by few in country doesn’t not reflect all are bad.

Where from the congress leader Rahul Gandhi has done his education as he doesn’t care and respect for the women of India.

She added that even this is the first time in history of politics too that any politician has insulted women in all and  done a clarion call to rape in India.

Priya Sethi bluntly said that he should  apology to country and  politicians like Rahul Gandhi  had “no moral right” to be in Parliament and he should resign as Member Parliament.

Unethical words,desperation and obsessed by the Modi Ji’s idea of make in india,the leader of congress  has insulted the women as well as country.

She said “Make in India” programme was aimed at providing employment to youth but people like Rahul Gandhi for his political gains is using the words which has insulted every daughter,mother sister of this country .

She added that the congress leader is using  crimes against women as a political tool.

Priya said that the congress party which is headed by the lady  and the country is now waiting for the action from Sonia Gandhi on the remarks of her Party MP and Son.