DOGRA FRONT & SHIV Sena demands deportation of Rohingyas

The workers of DOGRA FRONT & SHIV SENA under the leadership of President Mr ASHOK GUPTA took out a procession in Jammu city in an appeal for deportation of Rohingyas.

He stated that the individual who has the contract in the railway station Jammu for the cleaning has employed Rohingyas who pose as a biggest threat to the national security as it was proven in the Sunjwan military attacks that the terrorist used these Rohingyas for Recce and there homes for accommodation.

Mr Gupta stated that there has been hundreds of cases in which Rohingyas have been founded with the identification proof of Aadhar card & Ration card.

Mr Ashok Gupta quoted a media report to say that recovery of Rs 30 lakh from a Rohingya in Channi Himmat speaks volumes while it was earlier exposed that some of the Rohingyas possess Aadhar and Ration Cards apart from having State Subjects.

He further said that these illegal immigrants have made Jammu city and its peripheral areas a hub of serious crimes.

“The recovery of biggest ever haul of heroin worth Rs 250 crores from Narwal area inhabited by Rohingyas last year may be part of ‘hawala transaction’ being carried out to fund terror activities in the State.

He further said that most of these Bangladeshis are either beggars or street hawkers who are very familiar with every nook and corner of Jammu and therefore pose a big security threat.

The party workers raised slogans against Bangladeshis & Rohingya demanding there deportation as they have become a security risk to the nation and there role on changing the demography of Jammu.

Mr Gupta stated that most of them are indulged on illegal activities such as contraband, Human trafficking, Burglary and none the less there support to the terrorists.

The protesters were shouting slogans like “Go Back, Go back, Rohingyas Go back.”

The party people who were preset at the time of protest were Bantu, Prem, Dwassi, Kala, Shiv, Ajay, Mulkh Raj, Dinesh, Rakesh, Abhishek and various others were present.