Sunil Dimple leads welcome rally for Citizens Amendament Bill passed in parliament

Sunil Dimple president Jammu west assembly movement Sunil Dimple with Jammu west assembly movement leaders on Janipur High court road holds “Welcomed rally for the CITIZENS AMENDMENTS BILL pasaed in the parliament of India.

He demanded the PM Narinder modi  and Amit shaha home minister and cental govt, for the deportation of rohangies, bangladeshies,

Addressing the welcome Rally Sunil Dimple demanded prime minister Narinder Modi to Grant Minority Status to Hindus of J&K.

Dimple demanded Govt of India to Liberate POK GILGIT, BALTISTAN from Pakistan and bring all the Hindus from other countries who are committing Atrocities religion conversions, rapes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mamynar, bangla desh  and from other countries.He demanded to grant STATE HOOD status to J&K

He threatened to intensify the agitation if the the Narinder Modi govt and the home minister fail in deporting rohangiyas, bangladeshies from the JKUT and as the GOI have no policy on their ouster from the jammu Kashmir .

He said in Pakistan bangledesh and maymnar the hindus temples are being dismantlement.

He said girls, women are being converted in muslims, their women are forcibly being married, husbands are being killed, hidu girls are being raped, their residential houses are being burnt

He warned Pakistan and Imran Khan to stop cease fire violation and arrest Hafeez Sayeed, Slahudin, Azahar Masood and stop terrorists training camps on Pak Soil.

The others who addressed the protest are  Manjiet Anad, Rajinder Verma, Chuni Lal Bhat, Sachin Soi, Arjun,  Sham Saroop, Om parkash Sharma Satpal Kohli, Jagdish Magotra, Shiv,  and many others.