Congress protest against CAB is an act of desperation: Brig Gupta

Congress is unable to reconcile to the fact that Bharatiya Janata Party is fulfilling all the promises it made to the people thus cementing the trust the people have posed in the Party. “There is a visible difference between how the governments functioned during the Congress regime and now with people willing to question the inability of Congress to take hard decisions in national interest despite the fact that it ruled for so long,” said Brig Anil Gupta, Spokesperson of the Party. Congress believed only in appeasement and vote bank politics with the national interest being secondary while turning a blind eye to the burning issues facing the nation.

Reacting to the protest march taken out by local Congress leaders against CAB, Brig Gupta asked if anybody could deny that the partition of India took place on religious lines and could only take place after Congress agreed to the division of the nation. It were the personal ambitions of two individuals namely Nehru and Jinnah that led to the worst human holocaust recorded in the history, asserted Brig Gupta. Jinnah used the idea of partition as a bargaining chip but Nehru’s arrogant refusal to meet him halfway drove him to extremes is well documented in the history of partition claimed Brig Gupta. It is an irony of history that Congress then rejected the very idea of power-sharing with the Muslim League leading to the partition but today shares power with Muslim League in Kerala and IUML is also member of Congress led UPA. “Amit Shah is not distorting history but Congress leaders seem to be ignorant of history or they are feigning to be ignorant”, retorted Brig Gupta.

Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) provides for fast-tracking of citizenship to the refugees belonging to six identified minorities in the three theocratic states neighbouring India namely Islamic Republics of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who had entered India till 31 December, 2014. The Bill has nothing to do with existing Indian citizens belonging to any religion and hence cannot be termed against the idea of India or discriminatory as claimed by the Congress, clarified Brig Gupta. By objecting to the Bill, Congress is suggesting that Rohingyas and Bangladeshi illegal immigrants should also be given Indian citizenship. “It is once again unfortunate that Congress is eyeing the vote bank at the cost of national security.

Rohingyas were the first to demand the creation of an Islamic State (caliph) in Arakans in 1947 much before the ISIS came into being. Rohingyas are not allowed to enter Malaysia and other Muslim countries and Bangladesh has designated them as a security threat but Congress wants them also to be brought under the purview of CAB by accusing it of weakening the unity and harmony in the Country.

Terming the statement of Rahul Gandhi that “CAB would lead to ethnic cleansing of the North East” as most ridiculous and damaging statement as far as the unity and harmony in the Country is concerned, Brig Gupta said, “When CAB is not applicable to inner Line Permit states and the areas covered under Sixth Schedule, how can a sensible person even think of the way Rahul Gandhi has tried to twist the facts and provoked the people of NE? Rahul Gandhi’s statement is a sheer misuse of the freedom of expression.”