Politicization of Police force in J&K, a dangerous trend: Harsh

Accusing the ruling BJP of having debilitated and weakened democracy in the country and J&K in particular, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP & former Minister said that even institutions like Police force were being abused to bully and browbeat the opposition and others questioning the policies of the government. With opposition being denied any space in the political spectrum, all voice of dissent was being crushed with the use of brute force. The fundamental rights seemed to brave been put under siege in the erstwhile State with freedom of speech and expression made captive to whims of BJP leadership. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today.

            Strongly condemning the Police Administration of thwarting the Jammu Bandh of December 7 on the dictates of their political masters, Mr. Singh questioned the arrests and house arrests of its leaders who were exercising their bonafide democratic rights ensured under the Constitution. Right to hold peaceful protests and demonstrations against govt. policies was guaranteed in every democratic country of the world which seemed to have been suspended in J&K without any formal declaration of emergency having been issued, said Singh. He said NPP leaders were not only arrested on 6th and 7th December but its top leadership was physically assaulted and manhandled by Police personnel without any valid reason or justification. He lamented that NPP leadership was further restrained from even approaching the people to seek their support against the authoritarian and dictatorial moves of the govt. in banning the internet services besides its extortionist tendencies in the form of multiple Toll Plazas in Jammu and its vicinity.

            Describing the arrest and wrongful confinement of NPP leaders on 6th and 7th December as illegal and unconstitutional, Mr. Singh said that the govt. and the Police Department owed an explanation to the party which had decided to move the highest count against the subversion of the democratic and constitutional guarantees of the people of Jammu despite their proven nationalistic credentials. Cautioning the govt. not to violate institutions, he said that politicization of bureaucracy and especially Police force could lead to dangerous portends.

            Mr. Singh revealed that only in the recent post, the Police Department had withdrawn the security of even top opposition leaders while allowing at the same time the small time and unknown workers of BJP to enjoy the luxury of Police vehicles alongwith paraphernalia of security personnel by defying all systems and procedures of the past.

            Capt. Anil Gour & Surinder Chouhan were also present in the press conference.