Rajnath Singh dedicates 90 infra projects of BRO to country in Jammu today

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated 90 infrastructure projects by Border Roads Organization (BRO) in Samba district adjoining Jammu. During his address, the Defense Minister said that in the last nearly 900 days, BRO has dedicated about 300 projects to the country. There is little to praise BRO for this. Today, 90 projects were inaugurated, including construction of roads, bridges, runways, helipads and tunnels.

The Defence Minister further said, there was a time when a project was started by the BRO, it took a long time to start the project, and if fortunately the project started, So that involved such paperwork, that it took them a very long time to finish.

Now I hear every day that if the BRO has started a project at such and such a place, it has also completed the project at such and such a place. The completion of the project so fast is the result of the hard work, dedication of all of you and the commitment of our government.

Different parties are in power in many states but we are all supporting each other in building infrastructure in the border areas,” he said. I also congratulate all the State Governments for this cooperation.

There was a time when development works were seen as the antithesis of the environment. It was believed that if there was any development, it would be conditional on the environment. But slowly the perception of people changed and the concept of sustainable development was put before the world realizing the need for development.

So far we have worked on the mantra of minimum investment and maximum value, but now we must go further. Now we must move forward with the mantra of minimum environmental degradation, and maximum national security and maximum welfare.

The BRO as an institution has to continuously work with the local wadis and the people in any project going on in the border areas. You involve them in your project, keep negotiating with them, understand their need as well, and get their input as well. If you do, their confidence will grow, and your job will be easier.

Your job is not only to connect one place to another by building roads, but at the same time you have to connect the hearts of people with your actions. I do believe that construction should be inspired by a spirit of for the people, by the people