The message given by Mayor Jammu with regard to Saakh immersion after the culmination of auspicious Navratras in Ranbir Canal instead of conventional culture of the city to do the ritual in the waters of Suryaputri Tawishi is the need of the hour because River Tawi like many other rivers across the country is also struggling to breathe and if certain necessary steps would not be taken immediately sooner than later its name would also fall in the list of dead rivers of the country. Though Saakh immersion is an important ritual during the Navratras but looking into the gravity of the situation with regard to health of River Tawi, the suggestion given by Mayor Jammu is highly laudable and people to readily budge and listen to the request by taking the same with extreme level of positivity. It is pertinent to mention that Mayor Jammu has moved an extra-mile urging the devotees of the Goddess to avoid Saakh Visarjan (immersion of sprouted barley seeds) ritual in Tawi and perform the same in waters of Ranbir canal. Navratras are the days when the administration of J&K along with managements of several temples and shrines join hands to work together for making the surrounding neat and clean, and facilitate devotees in the best possible manner. It is therefore vital on the part of people to follow the directions of the aforesaid stakeholders in letter and spirit because being the Temple City, it becomes necessary to ensure that at no time of the year Jammu and its water bodies should remain in a state of mess as the same can send wrong signals across the country and abroad. The Mayor’s request to save Tawi by at-least not polluting its waters by throwing polythene bags in it is something which people should readily accept and this river is the lifeline of Jammu City and the people cannot afford to take things lightly because ultimately it will affect their lives and health as well. The best option before the people of Jammu City is to follow religiously whatever they are being told to accomplish as government is best judge of the situation on ground because it relies on army of experts.