The Central Government has repeatedly declared that it is committed to installation of representative Government with holding of Assembly poll in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir at the earliest. The Union Home Minister Amit Shah has announced in the Parliament for restoring, Statehood to J&K , at the appropriate time. The priority of the Union Government needs to be to cleanse the Jammu & Kashmir Union Territory of the forces inimical to national interests and supporting the anti -national elements. The restoration of peace in the trouble torn UT and to accelerate the process of development is the top priority. More over winning the trust of the people by taking the UT on the path of development and unmasking those who played the destructive politics in the erstwhile State for last seven decades and brought J&K to such a devastating path must be given priority over everything including holding of Assembly Elections or considering the demand for restoration of Statehood.
Appreciably, after the decision of August 5, 2019 regarding re-organisation of J&K as the UT, J&K is fast moving on the oath of progress and development since then under the leadership of Prime Minister Narender Modi. The enthusiastic participation of the people in the recently held J&K DDC-2020polls has carried a loud and clear message for peace, justice and development based on Modi’s SABKA SATH-SABKA VIKAS-SABKA VISHWAS. Visibly, the Central Government has launched a series of public welfare schemes aimed at providing good health, education, social justice, job and employment opportunities, games and sports, infrastructure development etc at fast pace to ensure the return of an era of PEACE, DEVELOPMENT and PROSPERITY.
The global representation of India has increased as a result of strong decisive leadership of Prime Minister Narender Modi. The whole world is looking towards India to play the leadership role in any type of crisis. The time is fast approaching when India will be the choicest destination for the world’s best scientists, doctors, engineers as India is becoming a place for better innovation and philanthropic leadership. With the effective containment of COVID-19 and then providing vaccine to many other nations, India under the strong leadership of Narendra Modi is fast moving to become world leader. The region is progressing towards more development and stronger borders.
The Central Government has extended term of the Delimitation Commission set up for Jammu & Kashmir Union Territory for one year more. In the event of Panel submitting its report well before completing its term, earlier elections to the Assembly in J&K UT are possible. The Commission has yet to complete major works pertaining to delimitation of Assembly constituencies in J &K.
On February 18’2021 the Panel has held its first meeting with the Associate Members-who are the Law-Makers from J&K and have to assist the panel to constitute new Assembly segments including reservation of seats for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. The Associate Members from National Conference Party boycotted the meeting and made it clear that their party will dissociate from the Commission. However, the other two members belonging to Bhartiya Janta Party attended the meeting and gave their suggestions.
A couple of days back, the Panel has invited written suggestions on delimitation of Assembly Constituencies for first Legislative Assembly of J&KUT, from the 5 Associated Members. Now while the National Conference Members have yet to decide whether to submit written suggestions to the Delimitation Commission or not, the BJP members have decided to submit comprehensive suggestions to the Delimitation Commission seeking fair distribution of seats and an end to years long political discrimination with Jammu Region.