Charak visits Cremation Ground Bahu Fort, take stock of situation

Local people are worried due to the chaos spreading in the crematorium ghat Bahu Fort Jammu. To appraise about the for situation people invited in-charge of the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory and the In-charge of the Union Coordination Department, Rajeev Charak

The local people said that we are not satisfied with the work done by Jammu Municipal Corporation.They added added that recently entire marble work was fallen. People said that this work is not properly done right while entire land of Shishu Samadhi and adjoining area of the crematorium is flowing due to flow in the drain.

Well reassuring the local people. Rajeev Charak said that all these demands will be kept with the concerned departments so that it can be resolved very quickly. It is necessary that the gate of the crematorium ghat be installed so that tractor trolleys and tippers bringing construction material from the river cannot pass through here.

Charak said that the crematorium would contact the forest department to open a wooden lock at the ghat so that in future people would not face any such problem at the time of the cremation.
He will also provide wood with permission from the forest department.
Other who accompanied Kr. Charak were included Karuna Shetri President all J&K Gorkha Sabha, Th. Naseeb Singh Goria Former President Dogra Sabha Gorkh Nagar, BJP leaders Sunny Salgotra, Subash Chander, Ajay Kumar, Manish Adhikari, Darshan Kumar and others

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