The US President’s statement that the corona has been affected by the world is that “the world is fighting against an invisible army of corona virus.” Starting from Wuhan in China, this disease called corona, which has now taken the form of an epidemic, has become a cause of trouble not only in China alone but for the whole world.

But the most worrying aspect of it is that in the present circumstances of globalization, this disease has brought not only health but also economic challenges to the whole world. On December 31, China first informed the World Health Organization about the occurrence of a disease like pneumonia in Wuhan.

It started spreading from China to other countries and within a month, on 30 January 2020, the World Health Organization declared it an epidemic for the world.

The magnitude of the situation can be understood from this, that today, after almost two months, not China but Europe has become the new epicenter of this disease which started from China.

So far, 2,19,357 cases have been reported worldwide, of which 8,970 people have lost their lives. Of which 3,245 deaths have occurred in China, 2,978 in Italy, 1,135 in Iran, 155 in America, 264 in France, 104 in Britain. The situation in Iran is that the government there released about 2500 prisoners in their jails for fear of an outbreak. The wife of the Canadian Prime Minister is vulnerable.

If we talk about India, because of this, three people have died in our country so far and slowly this epidemic has started spreading its footing here too. The virus, which has entered the country from the southern Indian state of Kerala, has reached the Union Territory of North India, Ladakh via Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana and Punjab.

The shutdown continues in most countries, including India, which is already facing economic recession, to avoid the uncontrolled infection of Corona. That is, cinema halls, malls, markets, schools, colleges have been closed.

In India, the board and various competitive examinations have been postponed till further orders.

Various multinational companies have asked their employees to work from home. Advisory has also been issued by the government in which they are asking people to avoid gathering at one place and motivating them to reduce their isolation from each other for some time.

It is true that the Government of India started serious efforts to prevent the corona virus from the beginning. This government not only showed readiness to bring back the stranded Indians abroad, but after coming to India, they took such excellent measures for their investigation and their quarantine that not only the Indians who returned from abroad developed the Indian government’s arrangements like America and Britain.

But the problem is that although this type of isolation can prevent disease, but not from the economic impact. This topic is important because it is expected that with the rising temperature in the coming months, although the outbreak of this disease will be reduced gradually and it will raise its head again every year as the temperature decreases like swine flu. Therefore, to fight this disease, we have to take not only short-term or immediate measures, but also long-term results. Different countries are making different efforts in this direction.

For example, in India, doctors at the SMS Hospital in Rajasthan cured a corona patient who also had diabetes with the combination of medicines for malaria swine flu HIV. This in itself is an achievement that has laid the foundation for finding a cure for it in the future. At the same time, the US claimed to have created a corona vaccine that has also been allegedly used on a woman.

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