LG urged for electrification of city roads, Crematoriums in shambles, work needs to be expedited: Raman Suri

 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) State Executive Member Raman Suri today urged the Lieutenant Governor G.C.Murmu to direct the district administration to complete work on city crematoriums, where work has either been abandoned or going on at a slow pace. Further, he urged LG Murmu to ask authorities to electrify city roads that remain in dark during evening hours, posing security and safety threat, besides ask traffic and PWD authorities to man vehicular movement ably to save previous lives.

Raman Suri while hailing the visit of LG in the city to look into development works said that condition of crematoriums in city is pathetic and people are facing great inconvenience. He said the slow pace of work, in a way, disrespectsthe final journey of people and so, these places must be set right and up to the mark as soon as possible.

Raman Suri urged Lieutenant Governor to direct the concerned authorities to illuminate some very important roads that remain plunged into darkness during nights. The roads from Satwari to Kunjwani, Bikram Chowk to Jammu University and onwards, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Chowk to Narwal, Bagh-e-Bahu to Narwal, Parade to Bakshi Nagar through Brig. Rajinder Singh Chowk via flyover, GMC Hospital Road from Bakshi Nagar to Canal Road, Circular Road, KachiChawni to Civil Secretariat Road and many more remain under darkness due to no lighting system or faulty electrification.

Raman Suri also sought fixing of CCTVs on city flyovers saying that in case of mishap, accident or any other untoward incident, no-one will ever come to know what actually happened. The police department must install CCTVs on Flyovers to keep a check on traffic and movement of people and make the passage/Corridor safe.

Almost everyday fatal accidents take toll on human lives, majorly due to the condition of roads.Government must redesign roads and rotaries besides ask traffic authorities to man movement of vehicles in a way that people reach home safe, Raman Suri said.