While the world condemns Pakistan Congress continues to toe Pakistan’s narrative on Kashmir: BJP


While the entire nation is rejoicing over failure of Pakistan’s attempt at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to peddle baseless allegations and show an alarming scenario in Kashmir through its all- weather ally China, Congress at home continues to spin lies , scare monger and remain blindfolded to the ground reality asserted Brig Anil Gupta, Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party.  Pakistan attempted to misuse UNSC but failed miserably as the overwhelming majority of the 15-member council declined to discuss Kashmir terming it as a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan as they were convinced that the situation in Kashmir is peaceful and normal as was witnessed by their Ambassadors who had visited the UT recently. “The Pak’s condemnation by the members of UNSC is a positive dividend of the visit of the envoys who got first- hand account of the prevailing peace and calm which they conveyed to the leadership of their respective countries but Congress rather than appreciating the visit continues to undermine it in the same manner as the Pakistani leadership,” stated Brig Gupta.

Refuting Azad’s allegation that Russia has objected over its Ambassador not being invited as part of the delegation as white lie, Brig Gupta advised him to read the statement of the Russian Ambassador. Ambassador Nikolay RishatovichKudashev has said, “Russian diplomacy is not in the habit of commenting on internal developments of our friendly partners. If anyone has any questions on Kashmir can travel there. We do not have any questions.”

Congress is unhappy with the calm and peace in Kashmir because it like Pakistan wants to see revolt, unrest and bloodshed in Kashmir. It leaves no stone unturned to provoke the Kashmiris who are yearning for a brighter future having been victim of the manipulative politics of the Congress in the past, accused Brig Gupta. “Shocked at the response of the people of J&K by maintaining communal harmony when Congress tried to communalise the issue of CAA in other parts of the country, it has now deputed two of its national leaders to provoke the people through emotional outbursts and baseless allegations. Afraid of the positive fall out of the proposed visits of Central Minsters up to block and tehsil levels who would explain to the people about the black deeds of the Congress, NC & PDP and explain to them the ongoing schemes and proposed path of development planned by Modi government, its leaders have termed them in desperation as ‘propagandists’,” rued Brig Gupta.

As regards the fair enquiry to probe the high level connections of Dy SP Devinder Singh, Brig Gupta said that it was the guilty conscience that was pricking them because they are well aware of the patronage he enjoyed of many senior Kashmiri Congress leaders and close relationship he enjoyed with them. We welcome the enquiry by NIA said Brig Gupta. However scared of the truth emerging before the nation ex-President of Congress Rahul Gandhi has already launched a sinister campaign to discredit the premier investigating agency through an immature and irresponsible tweet, “Best way to silence Terrorist DSP Davinder is to hand the case to NIA. The NIA is headed by another Modi-YK, who investigated the Gujarat riots &Haren Pandya’s assassination. In YK’s care, the case is as good as dead.” This is the typical way of Congress to fabricate excuses well before the verdict is out because its inefficient leadership is sure of the impending defeat, asserted Brig Gupta.