J&K Bank is improving statistics of its balance sheet: Chibber


Jammu and Kashmir Bank is a strong institution and is improving the statistics of its balance sheet, Chairman R K Chibber has said.

Hoping for good results in the next quarter, he said the bank is a successful enterprise and is doing the business very professionally.

“The bank is improving the statistics of its balance sheet and in the next quarter it will have good results to show to its stakeholders,” Chibber said in a statement here.

He said the swiftness in growth of the bank has been regained and the customers would soon recognise it, adding that the fruits of progress would be shared by all, including the customers of the bank.

Chibber assured the stakeholders that the bank would guard their trust and would come up to their expectations.

“The bank is showing positive results in every affair, be it lending, credit-deposit ratio, CASA (current account savings account) or NPA recovery. The future balance sheets of the bank will write off the past stress and reflect the growth it has registered by inculcating the reforms in the bank,” the chairman said.

He also said the bank is now covered under the RTI Act, besides conforming to the CVC guidelines. He said the affairs of the bank would be more transparent in future.