DOGRA FRONT & SHIV Sena protest against the caught DSP Terrorist DAVINDER SINGH

Congress Leader or the opposition in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chaudhry said that if DavindarSingh by default been Davindar khan, the reaction of troll regiment of RSS would have been more strident and vociferous.

Mr ASHOK GUPTA said Enemies of our country ought to be condemned irrespective of Colour, Creed, and Religion.

Mr Gupta stated that  betraying the nation when the police officer Davinder Singh especially when had taken an oath to protect it from all foreign and domestic enemy’s. This is the worst type of crime as it even surpasses the rape.

Acts of religious terrorism are the responsibility of devout extremists that commit acts of horror in the name of many different religions. So they don’t have any particular religion. Most of the terrorist attack everyday and killed so many person which include women man children etc is there any humanity to kill the person according to my view their don’t have any religion.

The workers of DOGRA FRONT & SHIV SENA under the leadership of President Mr ASHOK GUPTA took out a massive rally in Jammu city against the politics played on the religion of the terrorism.

Every day the opposition parties pander to Pakistan and attack our uniformed men. Playing religion-based politics on terrorism now become a practice.

Mr Gupta further stated that going to the extent of even doubting the Pulwama attacks and demanding an re enquiry in to it is a disgraceful statement to make.

What can be more outrageous, unsavoury & wicked? Congress Party has destroyed all the norms of civility & polity. As long as we are among humans, let us be humane.

The officer had gone to Shopian to bring Naveed Babu to Srinagar and was helping the two Hizbul terrorists to escape to Jammu. Intelligence sources said, “The real motive was to help Naveed and his aide to move out of Kashmir to Pakistan.”

At last he said that there is no religion of terrorism and dividing the terrorism in the basis of religion is the biggest disgrace as that just bring bad name to the nation.

The party people who were present t at the time of protest were

Anil, Parshuram, Sanjeev, Rajeev, Ajay, Tarsem, Gurjeet, Bantu, Kalu, Prem, Abhishek and various others were present.