Regularize the professionals engaged in Khidmat Centres: Harsh Dev 

Seeking the regularization of professionals and other educated youth engaged in the Khidmat Centres of J&K, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and former Minister regretted the raw deal given to the highly qualified youth who were made to languish on roads for the last around two weeks. He said that these centres were established by the J&K Bank in 2009 and onwards on the assurance that these centres would become the centres of participation for the public. These were established to become heavens of services G2C (Governor to Citizen), B2C (Business to customer) & B2B (Business to Business), he added. The promises on which these Khidmat Centres were established were never fulfilled, said Singh. Those educated professionals with degrees from B.A, B.Sc, M.Sc to BCA and MBA who trusted the J&K Bank and the Government of J&K and established these centres in 2009 and later, and lost the best part of their careers in the wait to get those promises fulfilled but nothing substantial was ever given to Khidmat Centres professional except their engagement as temporary and humiliating substitutes.

 “Regarding the promise of hundreds of G2C, B2C and B2B services through these centres, it was the J&K Bank which had the prime responsibility of accomplishing this task and it is this Bank which even denied a very small service of electricity bill collection to Khidmat Centres even after clear orders from the Government. Hundreds of other promised services became a day dream”, said Singh.  Mr. Singh regretted the continuous exploitation and disregard, for almost a decade, of the professionals associated with these Khidmat Centres. He said that their demand for a permanent solution to their miseries had now evolved as their right. And now after a decade long wait during which the Khidmat Centres encountered broken promises only, the J&K Bank needs to rehabilitate them by absorbing them in the main Banking stream as Regular Employees at par with other regular employees of the Bank, said Singh. If the J&K Bank can make 3000 backdoor appointments and regularize them for extraneous considerations and on the recommendations of corrupt politicians, the highly educated professionals of Khidmat centres have a far better claim, asserted Singh. He assured full support of Panthers Party to the agitating professionals in their crusade for Justice.