J&K is happy like other states, BJP leader said two major restrictions


In Jammu and Kashmir, where the PDP is getting worse, on the other side, the Third Front is trying to establish its place. In this matter, BJP leader Ram Madhav said that there were two major restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir and Vadodara, Gujarat. First internet services which are about to be restored and second most of the detained J&K leaders have now been released and it is expected that the remaining 20-25 leaders will also be released after some time. Jammu and Kashmir is now like any other part of the country.

On this matter, BJP General Secretary Ram Madhavan said, “On Friday that 20-25 leaders are still in custody in Jammu and Kashmir, I hope they will be released by the end of this month. Restrictions on Internet services are being removed in Jammu and Kashmir, Internet services will be restored in the entire Union Territory soon.”
In his statement, BJP leader said about the visit of foreign messengers that this program is very important to tell the whole world about the true state of the valley. The people of the valley want development and progress here. Significantly, the special status received by former Jammu and Kashmir under Article 370 was abolished by the Central Government on August 5 last year.