Memorandum to LG shouldn’t be linked to politics, but can launch party if required: Bukhari

Asserting that memorandum submitted to Lt Governor Ghirish Chandra Murmu should not be linked with politics, former J&K minister Altaf Bukhari, however, said he can launch a new party in the future if the current mainstream politicians fail to bring back statehood and protest land in Jammu and Kashmir.

The comment was made by Mr Bukhari a day after submitting a memorandum to the Lt Governor, seeking statehood, release of political detainees and protection of land and jobs for locals, besides other measures. However, publishing of the memorandum in most of the local Urdu newspapers as one-page advertisement has ignited speculations about Mr Bukhari launching a new political party in J&K.

“The response given by the LG while we presented the memorandum was positive. But, the things sought in the memorandum are not entirely under his jurisdiction. Some of the things sought in the memorandum are matters pertaining to constitutional amendments. So he will forward the same to home ministry representatives in J&K,” Mr Bukhari told UNI.

He said their work in not done by submitting the memorandum as brining back statehood and other things will take some time. “Our work is not done by submitting memorandum to the LG. We will have to follow up on the steps taken by the centre and J&K administration on the memorandum,” he added.

Responding to a questions whether speculations about formation of a new party under his leadership was correct, Mr Bukhari said the move (submitting of memorandum) should not be looked under the prism of politics. “I knew that once we initiate such a move, I will be dubbed as an agent. But, I still did it because it is the need of the hour. I want to ask to the people, who say that I am doing this to sell J&K… what is there to sell. Now it is the time to bring resources from New Delhi to J&K,” he said.

However, Mr Bukhari said if the present mainstream parties failed to fill the aspiration of the people of J&K, creation of a new political party in the future to restore statehood and other demands can’t be ruled out. “If the current political parties failed to restore statehood and protest jobs and land of the locals in J&K, we can form a new political party to fulfill the aspiration of the people,” he added.

An eight member delegation led by Mr Bukhari met the LG on Tuesday and presented a memorandum, seeking statehood, protection of land and jobs, release of prisoners, restoring autonomy of J&K bank, helping horticulture sector, traders and tourism.

The memorandum also sought relief for shopkeepers, employment generation, restoration of internet, keeping a check on air fare, creation of new power projects under PPP model and overall development of J&K.

Besides Mr Bukhari, the other members in the delegation included Democratic Party Nationalist president Ghulam Hassan Mir, former MLAs Mohammad Dilawar Mir, Javeed Hussain Beigh, Noor Mohammad Sheikh, Ch Kamar Hussain, Raja Manzoor Ahmad and MLC Zafar Iqbal.