Deep conspiracy behind CAA protests: Ashok Kaul

There is deep rooted conspiracy behind ongoing protests on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and an ongoing vicious attempt to create civic unrest in the Nation, which is the main reason behind these protests; claimed Bharatiya Janata Party, State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul, while he along with other senior leaders of party addressed a party activists & public Sammelan at R. S. Pura.

BJP State Vice-President Pramod Kapahi, former Cabinet Minister Sham Choudhary, R. S. Pura party District President H.S. Pammi, District General Secretary (Org.) Inderjit Sharma, former MLA Ashwani Sharma and others also addressed the Sammelan.

Ashok Kaul, , while addressing the gathering, cautioned everybody to be aware of any subversive act within the region on the name of CAA, as the opposition is eager to hover upon the sentiments of the youth now as the next step in their strategy to burn the Nation after their preplanned armed conflicts failed to yield any results.

This is no ordinary protest series, but there is actually a seriously sinister effort to burn the Nation on the name of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). There is a deep conspiracy behind these protests, one by one employing various strategies to keep fueling the fire, and the ultimate link can be traced back to the power hunger of Congress, Communists and their allies, alleged Kaul.

Kaul, discussed the ongoing party and developmental activities going on in the District and also exchanged a few words about the various forthcoming party programmes especially for the awareness on CAA with the party leaders.

Kaul, also requested the prominent civil society members present in the Sammelan to help create the awareness about the Act and help Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his endeavors to strengthen the Nation.

Sham Choudhary, alleged that most of the protestors are genuinely not aware about the facts of the Act and they have been misfed wrong information. He pointed out that there is high need to counter the misinformation campaign and put right facts before masses, while stating that this Act only serves to grant and not to take Citizenship.

Other speakers also emphasized on the need of educating the public about the Act and restricting any type of myths being circulated by the opposition over the issue, with the active participation of civil society members.

Former District President Brijeshwar Singh Rana, Sat Pal Pappi, Prof. Gharu Ram Bhagat, Bhushan Lal Dogra, SC Morcha Dr. M. L. Rao, Dharminder Kumar, Naresh Sharma and others were amongst the prominent present in the Sammelan.