Common man made to move from post to pillar for basic necessities under BJP rule: Bhalla

Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla today expressed his disappointment and shock after Jammu has been declared one of the dirtiest cities of the country slipping from its previous 260th rank in 2019 to the 318th position in the latest survey, the result of which was declared on December 31, 2019. Addressing prominent persons of Gandhi Nagar constituency, Bhalla questions credibility of  BJP which even failed to implement Prime Minister’s visionary ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ in Jammu whixh was launched with greatr pomp and show. Instead of focusing on ensuring cleanliness in the city, the BJP leadership is more concerned over raking up emotive issues to divert the attention of people,” Bhalla said, adding that the civic situation in the city had worsened after the formation of the BJP-led Corporation. “For the past five years, the BJP has been repeatedly claiming that Jammu would be declared a ‘Smart City’ soon, as it fulfills the criteria for the same. Survey’s outcome has proved counter-productive for the BJP, as since decades, the party has been raking up the issue of discrimination with this region to reap political benefits. For the last over one year, the BJP is running the JMC and survey results have authenticated the allegations that party leadership has failed to live up to the expectations of people,” Bhalla said.

Former Minister claimed that BJP built its political career through propaganda and after total failure, they are relying on excuses and falsehood to escape responsibility. The Centre is squarely responsible for this mess in country including J&K. Bhalla said that public issues and grievances are piling up with the passage of every day but the Administration has failed to solve the basic issues. He said that it is most unfortunate that the common people have no medium to raise their voice for their basic necessities like water, power, healthcare and education due to apathy of Govt. The people have to come on roads to express their anger and seek redressal of their genuine grievances. The utter failure of BJP  which had the mandate of Jammu region since 2014 to carry forward the projects initiated by the previous Govt both at State and Centre and to upgrade the infrastructure and augment various supply schemes, have resulted into total mess and several projects either standstill or going on snail’s paces, causing great loss to Jammu region and adding hardships to the people on various fronts. He said disenchantment among the people has reached an unprecedented level. “The sense of anti-incumbency against this present government within the very first year is sky high

Bhalla said regional polarisation and efforts to divide the people on the basis of their religions could have short-term political advantages for the ruling parties, Jammu and Kashmir will always stick to its legacy of inclusiveness, secularism and tolerance. He said that those giving sermons on secularism should learn its basics from the glorious, selfless history of Congress. “We have rendered unparalleled sacrifices for the cause of secularism and inclusiveness,” he said. The former Minister said that development has been pushed to back burner while public grievances were mounting unheard with each passing day. In fact, the present dispensation has lost the will to govern”, he said, adding that the slogan of development is just a façade, as the major concern of the BJP is how to remain glued to power.

He said the government has failed on all fronts, with poor people and working class suffering adversely. He decried the BJP dispensation for making liberal promises and indulging in exploitative politics but failing to deliver on ground. He said as a result of wrong policies and lack of vision, J&K is facing a crisis like situation with each segment of society feeling abject neglect. Bhalla cautioned the government not to test the patience of striking employees and urged for releasing their salaries at the earliest. He said the disbursement of salaries and wages have to be regulated so that all segments of employees and workers get these on regular basis. “The government cannot starve the poor employees for none of their faults”, he added.