NPP holds protest seeking eviction of Rohingyas, Bangladeshis

Peeved over non initiation of any action for deportation of illegal immigrants including Rohingyas and Bangladeshis from Jammu despite repeated assurances by the centre and state govt, scores of NPP workers led by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Mr. Yash Paul Kundal State President Young Panthers held a massive demonstration in Exhibition Ground today. While raising slogans of Chodho Hamara Jammu Pradesh, Rohingyas Jaao Bangladesh”, “Rohingyas, Bangladeshis Go back”, “BJP Hai Hai”, “Dogli siyasat nahin chalegi, nahin chalegi” the agitated protestors accused the BJP of sheltering the illegal foreign immigrants in Jammu province and sought their eviction without any further delay.

    Addressing the media, Mr. Singh maintained that the said illegal immigrants described as security threat, had continued to occupy plots close to vital defence installations including Sunjwan, Nagrota in the vicinity of 16 corps HQs of Indian Army, Police Lines, railway tracks without any resistance. He regretted that each time the people of Jammu protested against their settlement in the city of temples, the centre come out with a stereo type reply that their biometric details were being collected. Despite numerous statements issued by state and central BJP leadership during the last five years assuring their early deportation, no action whatsoever had been taken which was another glaring example of centre’s apathy and indifference towards the concerns of Jammu people, observed Singh

Mr. Singh observed that these illegal immigrants described as ‘ticking time bombs’ by the security agencies had been found active in fuelling narco smuggling, human trafficking, child abductions, beggary, border crossing and other crimes. Moreover, there were reports of Rohingyas having been involved in the sacrilegious acts in the past to flare up communal tension in Jammu city which had instigated the people to come on the roads to lodge their protest, Harsh divulged. He said that they were not only security threat but also a social menace alluring youth in drugs and prostitution.

Ruing that the people’s concern was being downplayed by the govt, he said that the illegal settlers were posing a grave threat to demography and communal brotherhood of Jammu Pradesh. He said that if the Rohingyas were settled in Jammu during Congress rule, the BJP had been hand in glove with its then ally PDP in providing them all kinds of civic amenities to settle them in and around Jammu city under a deep rooted conspiracy to reduce Dogras to minority. He said that the number of illegal foreign immigrants had soared under BJP rule with several thousand Rohingyas camping in Jammu and Samba districts. They had illegally built slums at some of the congested colonies in Jammu city and managed to procure PRCs, Aadhar cards, Ration cards, mobile sim cards, free water and electric connections besides admissions of their children in Govt. schools. Shockingly they had also established “Burma Market” in Narwal in connivance with the people sitting at the helm of affairs. Reports had revealed that they were also enjoying the patronage of the radical terror outfits like JeM. LeT, HM, DeM and others, Harsh added. He said that the failure of govt. to evict them had further encouraged the anti-nationals operative in Kashmir to extend sectarian support to the Rohingyan settlement in Jammu region.

Terming their early repatriation as need of the hour, he reminded the Union Home Minister Amit Shah that the natives of Myanmar and Bangladesh had already been identified in Jammu city and its adjacent peripheries. He urged upon him to immediately respond to the grave situation and direct the State govt. to ensure deportation of these unlawful immigrants from J&K without any further delay in the larger interests of peace and security.

Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Rajesh Padgotra, Parshotam Parihar, Surinder Chouhan, K.K Sharma, Nirmal Kishore, Neeraj Gupta, Capt, Sultan Singh, Yashpaul Sharma, Shankaar Singh Sanju, Kunwar Bali, Rashpaul Singh, Rohit Sharma, Ravinder Chib, Subash Charak,  Amandeep Singh, Sameer, Pawandeep Singh, Makhan Lal, Darshan Singh besides others.