Govt resorting to diversionary tactics to conceal its failures: Harsh

 Panthers Party today held a meeting at Party Headquarters under the Chairmanship of Mr. Harsh Dev Singh to take stock of the prevalent situation in the country and the J&K UT in particular. It held deliberations over various public related issues besides announcing new office bearers of the party who included Sh. Kunwar Bali as Vice President Jammu Province, Bishan Dass Bhagat as Block President Ramgarh and Rakesh Verma as Block President Vijaypur Block.

            Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh accused the govt of failure on all fronts with the country’s economy facing an unprecedented slowdown and prices of essential commodities rising with each passing day. He said that with capacity utilization of the Indian Industry heaving dropped to a historical low, the unemployment rate was at its peak. The unabated violence in the country in the aftermath of CAA further proved that not only was the country’s economy in shambles but law and order and governance were also gradually deteriorating, said Singh. Condemning the incidents of vandalism and arson in various parts of the country, Mr. Singh accused the vested interests of keeping the pot boiling for furthering their selfish political interests. He further charged the BJP with raking up controversial issues only to divert the attention of the people from its failures on the economic front.

            Alleging subversion of democratic norms in the country and in J&K in particular, Mr. Singh condemned the restrictions frequently being imposed on political activities of the opposition leaders by the BJP regime. He regretted that not only were the Congress leaders put under house arrest without a reasonable cause but the NPP leaders and activists were also taken in custody for giving a call for Jammu bandh. Equally deplorable was the continued ban on mobile internet with govt failing to give any time frame for restoration of such services which had become indispensable in a way in the present day world, said Singh. “A few hours of internet curbs during CAA protests had the entire national capital crying foul. But the govt failed to even imagine the plight of J&K people especially peaceful Jammu region who had been deprived of the said facility for the last five months”, lamented Singh.

            Pointing further towards the flip-flop of the BJP leaders over the issue of domicile law, Mr. Singh said that conflicting statements media by central leaders had made the confusion worse confounded. He said that while Union Home Ministry had made a statement in the just concluded session of the parliament that there was no proposal to enact any such law, the recent claims of a few other central leaders suggested that the law to save the lands and Jobs of locals was in the pipeline. Seeking official statement by the centre over the issue of domicile and Job security for J&K, Mr. Singh said that NPP would take to streets if the govt resorted to any further dilly dallying over the issue. He further called upon the NPP workers to gear up for a decisive battle for restoration of statehood and for securing the rights of the incarcerated dogra land facing ruthless subjugation at the hands of Kashmir leadership as well as New Delhi.