Raman Suri expresses concern over cancellation of flights, Asks AAI to use advanced equipment for landing, takeoff


Expressing his concern over cancellation of several flights and over delayed ones from Jammu as well as Srinagar, BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) State Executive Member Raman Suri, today said that this is causing great inconvenience to the travellers. He urged the authorities, especially the Airports Authority of India (AAI) to look into the matter seriously and apprise travellers of exact positions so that they can plan their itinerary accordingly.

Though dense fog and less visibility are being described as prime reasons for cancellations or delays, this was not the case during previous years when visibilty was far lower than today, he said, adding that if these airports are equipped with Runway Visual Range (RVR) System, there will be less chances of cancellation of flights during foggy days.

Elsewhere in North, flights are being operated  even when visibility is up to 800 metres. If Jammu as well as Srinagar airports will haveCatetory (CAT)-II facilities, under which a number of advanced equipment and lights are installed, then flights will land in upto 800-metre visibility.

Raman Suri added, for CAT-II ILS operations, one RVR instrument is installed to ascertain the visibility on the runway and if these instruments exist here, the same should be out to use. Now-a-days, almost all airports are equipped with RVRs, which enhance the accuracy of the CAT-II ILS system, making the airport safer.

To be doubly sure, many airports also use  ‘follow me’ service jeep, which would guide the aircraft from the runway to the bay and vice versa to avoid any inconvenience or halt of operations during foggy days. This should also be used here for the convenience of passengers, he said, adding that whatever are the circumstances people must be made aware of everything concerning their flights by the AAI officials.

Technically, the authorities must be correct but flights should not be delayed for minor reasons. During low visibility, the aircrafts automated systems are used, that interact with the airport’s Instrument Landing System to deal with fog safely, he said, adding that these parameters, if present, should be put to use in order to enable the people move on.