Congress murdered secularism, dividing Nation: Murlidhar Rao

Levelling serious charges on Congress of misleading Nation on every occasion and trying to burn the whole Nation, BJP National General Secretary P. Murlidhar Rao, accused the 135 years old party, which is celebrating its foundation day, for murdering secularism by adopting the role played by Muslim League at the time of Indian partition.

  1. Murlidhar Rao was addressing a seminar as Chief Guest and Chief Orator organized by “Dr. Syama Prasad Mookherjee Nayas (Trust)” on “Citizenship Amendment Act-2019” (CAA), which was attended by hundreds of prominent civil society members at Teachers’ Bhawan Auditorium, Jammu.

BJP State President Ravinder Raina, Chairman of Trust & former MLC Ashok Khajuria and party State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh also accompanied the National leader on the occasion.

  1. Murlidhar Rao, while addressing, said that presently all the major chaos could be linked to the age old party which has reversed from its role all over from the day of its inception. He took jibe at the Congress leaders, by quoting Rahul Gandhi and others as saying that BJP has no contribution in Indian freedom struggle, while he argued that the many parties including BJP were not born at that time, but this doesn’t mean that no party else that Congress can have political space in the Nation.

He also accused the Congress of altering from the course of earlier Congress leaders, who wanted Congress to be discontinued after the Indian Independence. He also said that Gandhi ji couldn’t even think that his name will be misused by Congress and its leaders at every level in the post Independence era.

Rao, said that a nexus has been created by Communists, Congress and fundamentals, whose vicious alliance has always done harm to the Nation. He said that the Communist ideology is altogether rejected by the present think tank. He read the editorials of mouthpiece of Communist party from the year 1942, in which the Communist party strongly batted for multi partition of India on the basis of religions and languages. Congress is once again proceeding on the similar lines.

Rao, stressed that BJP can never do anything unconstitutional and all those who are feeding blood hunger on the road presently must adopt it in their minds that everything done on CAA is in the spirits of Constitution of India, which was sought after by all the great leaders including those of Congress and Supreme Court of India is the best authority to check its legality.

Rao, said that nothing exceptional has been done now in the Act, as it is in continuation of earlier processes. Various windows have been opened up in the earlier times like that for Sri Lanka and Uganda and in future also, such windows will be opened up as according to the need of the time. He said that our National leaders promised to all the minorities of Pakistan at that time that can come to India at any point of time whenever they feel insecure there and Indian government of that time will ensure their jobs and other facilities.

Sharply reacting to the arson and violence over the Act and clear proofs that say that Congress, Communists and Fundamentalist lobby is behind these organized violent protests, he said that they are not at all fighting for Indian Muslims, as this Act cannot do anything to Indian Muslims. He emphasized that all the Indian minorities including Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Bodhs, Christians, Parsis and others will remain Indian citizens forever.

Rao, also said that BJP believes that Nation and the government is over and above all religions. A region may change its religion over centuries but the duty of the present government of the land is to serve the Nation and its citizens while he cited example of Kashmir, how Shaivism, Bodhism, Islam etc. changed course over the time in the lives of local population.

Rao, accused former PM Nehru for giving away the important part of erstwhile J&K state as PoJK which made possible the direct link of Pakistan and China forming a major socio-economic power corridor in the region.

He also took head on Congress, for its double speaks on Article 370. He said that all the top leaders of Congress were in opposition of Article 370 and even some said that it will die its own course, then why the present Congress leaders are making such hue and cry over its long sought end.

Earlier, Ravinder Raina, gave brief introduction of the seminar and said that we all have to counter the misinformation about the CAA, which is to give the Citizenship right to the religiously persecuted minorities and not to take away right of anyone. He also denounced the act of vandalizing private and public property during the rights. He labelled them as the agents of Pakistan who work for bringing the bad name to the country.

Ashok Khajuria thanked the National leader for great informative speech and clearing away the doubts in the mind of audience present. He also thanked all the prominent civil society members for the valued contribution in the programme.

Dr. Narinder Singh, coordinated and managed the whole programme.