Adv. Purnima Sharma, Deputy Mayor inspects Kanak Mandi Market


Today on 28th Dec,2019, Adv. Purnima Sharma, Deputy Mayor Jammu inspected the Kanak Mandi Area. Hon’ble Councillor ward no. 11, Smt. Anita Sharma, Er. Lakshman Singh Jamwal (XEN E JMC), Dr. Suresh Gupta (Health Officer JMC), Officials from enforcement wing of JMC also accompanied the inspection

During the inspection, many issues were brought to the notice of the Hon’ble Deputy Mayor which involved health, electric and enforcement wing of JMC

It was noted that there were merely 5 street lights in the whole kanak Mandi market which remained lightened during the day time and turned OFF during the night. Also there were sanitation issues which were caused due to the loading and unloading of stock by many shopkeepers. Another major issue which was noted during the inspection by Adv. Purnima Sharma was the nuisance caused by the encroachment of footpaths by shopkeepers, Khokhas and Phaadis.

After noticing all this, Deputy Mayor on the spot directed the XEN Electrical JMC to get more street lights installed and make sure they remain OFF during the day time and get lightened up during the late hours. Further, Purnima Sharma directed the Health Officer JMC to look into the Sanitation problems of the area and if anyone is caught creating nuisance, heavy fine to be imposed on the individual/individuals. In addition to this, Officials from the Enforcement wing were directed to cease any materials without sparing anyone if anyone is found using it to encroach the footpaths as it causes a lot of nuisance in the congested market area.

At the end of the inspection, Adv. Purnima Sharma along with the Hon’ble Councilor Smt. Anita Sharma, addressed and appealed the shopkeepers and illegal encroachers to keep the area clear and to get the footpath cleared from illegal encroachment or else strict action will be taken against them by JMC without spare.