Mahila Morcha held meeting regarding forthcoming programmes on CAA

BJP J&K (UT) Mahila Morcha held a meeting regarding forthcoming party programmes to be carried out by UT Unit of the Mahila Morcha. Meeting was chaired by BJP Mahila Morcha State President (UT) Rajni Sethi along with Mahila Morhca Prabhari Priya Sethi.

Rajni Sethi had thread bare discussions regarding forthcoming awareness programmes on CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) from 1st January, to 15th January, 2020. She while interacting with the state office bearers and district presidents about the protests against CAA that it is a part of Congress and Communist Parities to create mistrust between Hindus and other communities across the country.

She added that those who instigated people to violence and protests against the Act has been exposed before the masses and that few political parties went to communalize the issue and are supporting the agitators by one or the other way to achieve petty political gains.

She stressed “we cannot compromise national interest especially when Mahatma Gandhi father of nation was of the opinion that India should accommodate Hindus and Sikhs if they come back from Pakistan at one occasion”.   CAA is in the interest of all those in minorities who face religious persecution in the country like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and has nothing to do with the citizens of India and Modi government has done a great service to these persecuted people who have suffered immense tragedies in those countries. She asked the state office bearers and district presidents that in connection with party’s campaign for (CAA) BJP unit of Jammu, we all have to organise seminars to educate, rallies, highlight about the positive aspects of CAA and stressed to aware the people of their area about the Historical discussion pending since Independent including Construction of Ram Mandir, Article 370, Triple Talaq and the CAA, the step taken under the regime of Narinder Modi government.

Priya Sethi said that the CAA has its genesis at the time of Congress government when former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh himself supported its implementation. The opposition today by the Congress is purely to mislead the innocent and gullible Muslim Community.