NPP Supremo reminds friends’ world over sharing ‘Christmas’ in Haifa Palestine

          The Panthers Party Headquarters at Jammu, J&K celebrated ‘Christmas’ day sending the message of human love and peace. He visited the birth place of Christ at Haifa, where he was born in a rock, now raised as Memorial Church in 1991.

          Prof. Bhim Singh visited Haifa the birth Cave (now a Memorial Church) in 1991 during his world mission tour. He, in his message to the new generation of the world, said that Christmas message may be followed by the politicians, thinkers, parliamentarians and teachers and all rulers that peace is the only way out to live, grow and let live for the world peace. Christ life is a message itself who sacrificed self for the good of others.

          Prof. Bhim Singh with several friends and NPP colleagues congratulated the Christan friends at Gandhi Nagar, Church and wished Christmas greetings to all.