Indian Muslims don’t have to worry on CAA…: Priya Sethi

Former Minister and spokesperson BJP Priya Sethi today while speaking at the programme organised by J & K Prajapati Sabha,Regd at Jammu East said that illegal migrants have been treated as vote banks by the Congress, which explains its opposition to the Act and said that Muslims in India don’t have to worry on CAA

She explained that CAA is not against Muslims and against those who are citizens of India and said the act says that the fear of religious persecution among those who do not practise the State religion in these three countries is enough to classify as eligible to Indian citizenship.


Priya while explaining  the benefits of CAA added that it becomes imperative for everyone to understand that the Act only extends citizenship, but doesn’t snatch anyone’s citizenship.

She directly said that Congress is spreading fear in citizens by linking CAA with NRC which has not come yet only for their vote bank and they have got the opportunity to stand against the great leader of India Modi.

Congress and other opposition parties are misleading people and inciting muslim community for the violence for their political gains.


While explaining to public she said that  some vested interests are spreading misinformation, which has resulted in protests in some places. So, it becomes imperative for everyone to understand that the Act only extends citizenship, but doesn’t snatch anyone’s citizenship.

 The Act offers Indian citizenship to the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhists, Jain, Christians and Parsi migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, who entered the country before December 31, 2014.

She said that  Since India has not signed the United Nations 1951 convention on the status of refugees and the 1967 protocol, we did not have any national policy to deal with refugees. Migration was dealt with under the Foreigner’s Act, 1946. This Act didn’t distinguish between refugees and illegal migrants.

Those opposing the Act have to understand that while one group came due to fear for their lives, another came to exploit Indian’s upward economic trajectory.

So, it was necessary to come up with a constitutionally valid Act that classifies and safeguards refugees who face religious persecution. And that is the geneisis of the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019.

Former Minister  of J & K said that the Opposition is indulging in misinformation and falsehood campaigns over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA).

She while  Targeting the Congress and other opposition parties  said the the Opposition is trying to divide and incite people after being defeated twice by the people in elections..

While speaking she added that OBC’s in J &K  will get their due in employment and education and will get full reservation benefits after abrogation of article 370

She added that Modi Govt will extend  all benefts  to OBCs in J & K and Ladakh