WC of JKNPP holds session at Jammu Hqrs., restoration of statehood is only way out

Extended meeting of the Working Committee of JKNPP was held at Party’s Headquarters in Jammu this day which was attended by WC representatives from Kashmir & Jammu under the chairmanship of Shri Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP. Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia, Ex-MLA & State President of the Panthers Party was also present.

          The Panthers Party in its resolution unanimously carried the following resolution;

  1. The Working Committee proposed reorganization of the Working Committee and the Secretariat before 23rd of February when the Party shall hold its final session after electing the next Working Committee.
  2. The State Session of the JKNPP shall be held on 22nd & 23rd of February. This will be last Session of the Panthers Party before constituting next Secretariat and the Working Committee.
  3. The Organizing Committee shall be constituted by the Secretariat which shall organize annual session of the JKNPP on 23rd March, 2020.
  4. This Working Committee shall constitute the new Working Committee and the District Committees for 2020-2022.
  5. Since Jammu & Kashmir is a recognized political party which included Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh. The Election Commission has not renamed any State Party. The Election Commission may be required to announce the recognized parties of Jammu & Kashmir and status of Union Territory of Ladakh which was part of J&K where JKNPP is a recognized political party.
  6. Anyway JKNPP shall be a recognized Party in the Ladakh Union Territory also till next Assembly election.
  7. The Secretariat shall also fix all former Vice Presidents as Advisors after consultation and honour them in a Special Session on 22nd of February, 2020, the day each one take over as Advisor.
  8. The NPSU shall be reorganized/reconstituted before 22nd of Feb., 2020. The Working Committee has taken this responsibility urging on the Chief Patron of the JKNPP to help reorganize NPSU and the Young Panthers before the final session on 22nd February.
  9. The Young Panthers shall be reconstituted/reorganized with strict age qualification. All those who have crossed 35 years age shall be adjusted honourably in the Party at State or District level whatever is in the interest of the Party.
  10. All Units like JKPTU, JK Kisan Union, Mahila Wings, Ex-Servicemen Wings shall be reconstituted before 22nd February, 2020. The Secretariat shall appoint a General Secretary for this purpose.

          The Chairman,  Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, the President, Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia, Vice President, Masood Andrabi, General Secretaries, Yash Paul Kundal, Ms. Anita Thakur, Basharat Ali, Secretaries, Capt. Anil Gour, Gagan Pratap Singh, Balwan Singh, Shanker Singh Chib, Naresh Chib, Parshotam Parihar, State Secretary-PTU, Adv. Parveen Kesar, Desh Rattan Pandita, Joint Secretaries, Surinder Chouhan, District President Jammu Rural, S. Parmjeet Singh Marshall, State President-PTU, Vinod Singh Jamwal, District President Jammu Urban, S. Pawandeep Singh, District President Young Panthers Jammu Rural, Shiv Dev Singh, Provincial General Secretary, Adv. Karnail Singh, District President Ramban & Ravinder Jamwal, Provincial Secretary.

          Prof. Bhim Singh in his concluding remarks conveyed the message to the Youth & others all over the country with a strong note that the Panthers Party shall extend its activities from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Nagaland to Gujarat so that there shall be One Constitution, One Flag and the statehood of Jammu & Kashmir shall be restored at the earliest in the interest of integrity, unity, progress and secular commitment in the Constitution of India.