Sham Sharma Terms Citizenship Amendment Act In National Interest,Appealed People Not To Trust Rumors Spread By Opposition Parties” 

Former Minister and BJP leader Sh Sham Lal Sharma today accused Congress and other opposition parties for spreading lies about Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA).
While addressing Public meeting at Naiwala,Gurha Jagir. Sham said that “The bill is in national interest. In Pakistan,Bangladesh and Afghanistan,there was religious oppression due to which people took refugee in India.Now,the bill seeks to give them citizenship”he added.
The program was organised by Panch Suirinder Sharma(Munnu).
Taking a dig on Congress and other opposition parties and accusing them of ‘childish talk’ he said that a government which gives property rights to people irrespective of religious background,will it ask them to produce decade old documents.
He further said that those still in doubt,I will tell them rumors are  spread by opposition parties for petty politics.The Muslims of India and J&K don’t need to worry at all.The CAA will not apply to the Muslims of the country and J&K.
Sham said, Citizenship amendment bill has the endorsement of 130 crore citizens of the country as it was the part of the BJP manifesto in 2014 as well as 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The Citizenship Amendment Bill aims to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants belonging to religious minorities Hindus, Sikhs, Jain, Buddhists, Parsis and Christians from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Rejecting the charge that the Citizenship Amendment Bill targets Muslims, Sharma said, The Citizenship Amendment Bill does not discriminate. It gives and does not snatch rights.
Sham said that the Bill was required to give protection to people who are forced to live in pathetic human condition.
He further said that India is a land of unity in diversity and tolerance. Recent decisions like Ram Mandir,Article 370, Triple Talak and now CAA shows our firm commitment towards national security.
Sharma also appealed people to maintain peace and communal harmony.
Remember,no religion can ever be greater than humanity itself and no religion can ever subsume our experience of being human.There may be people who want us to be ‘Hindus’ and ‘Muslims’,but what’s in our own interest is to stay human.
Those who spoke on the occasion were Mahant Rameshwar dass,Sarpanches Varinder Kumar(Gurha jagir),Dimple Sharma(Bhalwal Brahmna),Dinesh Dass(Devipur),Shamsher Singh(Gurha Brahmna)