Congress has done more harm than good: Ravinder Raina

Bharatiya Janata Party, Jammu & Kashmir led by its State President Ravinder Raina chairing a meeting of senior party leaders from the J&K BJP, asked them to devote extra hours for effectively countering the misinformation campaign led by Congress, Left and others on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Party State general Secretaries Dr. Narinder Singh, Yudhvir Sethi & Sunil Sharma, State Secretaries Arvind Gupta & Ajay Pargal and State Office Secretary Tilak Raj Gupta at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu.

Ravinder Raina, while addressing the meeting, said that Congress has always worked to weaken the spirit of Hindustan and Hindustaaniyat in its history. He said that it divided India in 1947 and gave rise to bloodshed of innocents for the sake of power. He alleged that Congress never allowed the peace to prevail and always promoted the hatred between various communities. He blamed the Congress, Left and their allied parties for the present turmoil in various cities as the grand old party is presently short of issues and is feeling threatened by the development of all communities and region. Perturbed by the absence of communal riots in Nation, Congress is innovating new-new ways to disturb the normal life of masses, he alleged and said that Congress has done more harm than good to the Nation and is proceeding on similar lines for the humanitarian Act.

Raina, asked the BJP senior leaders, to counter the vicious misinformation campaign led by Congress and its allied parties tactfully as well as aggressively. He asked them to be fully equipped with the knowledge and know-how of the Act and approach the intellectual community and prominent persons of the society with facts and figures. He said that various public personalities must also be involved in the process to take the real picture of the Act to the common masses.

Raina, also asked the senior party leaders to promote public programmes making masses aware of the details of the Act as well as simultaneously exposing the two-faceted policy of Congress over the Act.