Congress Blinded by “Anti Modi Approach”: Kavinder Gupta, starts Blacktopping work at Nai Basti


Former Deputy Chief Minister and senior BJP leader, Kavinder Gupta while addressing the gathering at Nai Basti, said the Congress is blinded by its “anti Modi approach” and has stopped thinking in the nation’s interest, raising issues of national security, development and terrorism. Gupta said the congress has adopted the approach to oppose every law enacted by Parliament proposed by BJP and they go the extent of supporting anti-national elements. Quoting the post passage of CAB situation in some of the states of India, Gupta said the oldest national party of country(Congress) is playing communal card and playing with the sentiments of the citizens of country. He said the CAA is not against any religion and has not provision of depriving any Indian of its citizenship but giving a chance to minorities those living in the three neighbouring counties viz Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to secure Indian Citizenship if they want to.

Congress has never been a party of developmental approach in the country, they wanted power only for the growth of its leaders who baring some have been involved in the several crores of scams in the country. Referring to the work started at Ashok Nagar NaiBasti, ward -23, Gupta said the Blacktopping work has been started worth 60 Lakhs under languished works. Gupta said the long pending demand of the residents have been met and assured the gatherings all other demands of the residents shall be looked into and shall be taken up for the execution in phased manner. BJP is committed for the development of J&K and those who lack of vision of witnessing the developmental works in J&K specially in Gandhi Nagar constituency can accept of Challenge to compare the quality & quantum of works executed in 12 years of their rule versus 4 years of my service in the constituency. Giving reference to newly constructed deep drain adjoining Sanjay Nagar, Preet Nagar and Shastri Nagar,  Gupta said earlier also same was constructed with low quality material which lasted for only 5-6 years. He said the newly constructed drain has been designed in such way that it may be having life of at-least 40 years. He said every person of the area has to be vigil during the execution of works and report any shortcoming as has been reported earlier many times.

Gupta was accompanied by Vinay Gupta, Pawan Singh councillor, Naveen Gupta, Ashish Kumar, Renu, Yash Pal Sharma, Sandhya, Vinod Shastri, Raj Singh, Sanjay Gupta, Jatinder Bunty, Parshotam, Veena Bakshi, Rinku, Rakesh, Davinder Vaids among others.