Why blame Centre for your own follies BJP questions Ghulam Azad


Dis agreeing with the accusation of the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha that “BJP-led government at the Centre has completely destroyed business, economy, transport and entire trade of J&K,” Brig Anil Gupta spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party has said that Azad is unnecessarily blaming the Centre for their own follies. In a press statement released by the Party it has been specified that the Modi government has always been most responsive and sympathetic as far as J&K is concerned but the anti-people lobbyists have been putting a spanner in the government’s effort to restore complete normalcy through senseless killings of labour, truck drivers and shop keepers and “forced curfews” thus creating a fear psychosis and preventing the routine trade and other activities to flourish in Kashmir. The government on its part lifted the curfew as early as possible and has also restored transport including railway, conducted annual examinations, held recruitment rallies and ensured a peaceful environment. The enthusiasm seen during the exams and at recruitment rallies is indicative of the mind-set of youth who are yearning for peace and a better future, asserted Brig Gupta.

“I would request Ghulam Azad to visit Kashmir with an open mind rather than giving motivated and prejudiced interviews to web portals sitting in New Delhi. His allegation that opposition leaders are not being allowed to visit Kashmir is false and baseless. There is no restriction on visiting Kashmir after the government cancelled the advisory given to tourists. Has any senior leader from his party ever visited Kashmir after that? No? But they continue to accuse the government without any justification,” said Brig Gupta.

It goes to the credit of the government that despite the disruptive mechanisms put in place by the vested interests the apple industry was not allowed to suffer and about 10000 metric ton of apple was lifted till end November by NAFED giving high returns to the growers under the ‘Market  Intervention Scheme.’ The farmers were paid Rs 52 for A-grade apple per kilogram which is much higher than the usual price of Rs 40. As far as other industries are concerned it is the absence of outside labour which is hurting but who is responsible for the exodus of the outside labour is well known to Mr Azad?

Refuting his allegation that, “the loving people of Jammu & Kashmir have been finished economically and emotionally,” Brig Gupta retorted, “it is the Congress and its ally NC that is responsible for economic and emotional exploitation of the people through planned loot of the state exchequer, corruption, exploitation of J&K Bank, nepotism, radicalisation, militancy and mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. Intolerance and regional discrimination were the hall mark of their regimes leading to suffocation and alienation.”

It is weird logic that people have stopped protesting because the Home Minister has no heart. On the contrary, people are happy, satisfied with prevalent peace and wanting to move ahead as peaceful citizens of New India, fed up with bullets and violence they want to shun the path of agitation which was promoted by the separatists and so-called mainstream politicians, asserted Brig Gupta.

Advising Azad to desist from rumour mongering, Brig Gupta said that he should disclose his so called sources who have put the figure of arrested persons as 8000-10000 against the official figure of 750. He further asked Azad to justify his allegation that “Jobs of the youth have been taken away. Their land rights have been snatched,” by quoting figures rather than rumour mongering and misleading the people through kite flying and misinformation.