DB issue notices to UT Govt in PIL for safe and clean drinking water

 Division Bench of J&K High Court Jammu Wing comprising Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice Rajesh Bindal issued notices in a Public interest litigation filed by two pracitisng advocates Adv.aditya Sharma and adv.Rameshwar Padha to Government to provide clean and safe drinking tap water to the people.

Adv.Aditya Sharma submitted before the bench that Government  is duty bound to provide clean and safe tap water but it had miserably failed to do so and thus violates the right to live life with dignity of the people of Jammu.

 During the course of arguments Adv Aditya Sharma submitted that recently a survey was conducted by BIS(bureau of Indian Standards) where by samples were collected from across the Jammu city and as per the reports tap water of Jammu City came out to be worst and stood at rank two in providing worst quality tap water to Jammu people as samples failed as per the standards to be maintained for the parameters laid down by BIS.

 Adv.Aditya Sharma and Adv.Rameshwar Padha emphasises that their are various findings by Supreme Court whereby time and again specific directions have been issued to the authorities to make sure for providing clean water and further held that it is duty of the authorities to protect the water sources from pollution and encroachment.Hon’ble court was also apprised  of the fact that after Delhi Jammu is the second worst city in providing safe drinking tap water and it is the alarming situation and that is the main reason why now a days life diseases like cancer , heart attacks are at its peak level dat too in younger generation.

 Division bench issued notices to  all the respondents and matter is to be listed in the month of March.JNF